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Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God. [Belozersk]

Church of the Blessed Mother of God. [Belozersk]

Church of the Ascension. [Belozersk]

Materiki. [Parascheva of the Balkans] Chapel

Peasants haying. [Near the village of Krokhino]

Church of Our Savior and the Protection of the Mother of God. Vytegorskii Pogost. [The village of Ankhimovo]

Type of old sluice gates. Belozerskii canal. [Old sluice "Security" near Chaika warf]

Woodcutters [in the estuary of Vytegra] River

Kazan Cathedral in the city of Kirillov

Exit from the yard of the Church of Saint George. Riurik fortress. [Staraia Ladoga]

[St. Nikolas church in Lavrovo village]

Village of Naziya. Emperor Peter the Great Canal. [View of Naziya River from Canal]

Chapel in Miatusovo

‘Tow rope bridge in the village of Lava’

View of Staraia Ladoga.

Old cross in the Assumption Monastery for women.[Staraia Ladoga]

Site of former palace of Empress Catherine the Great. City of Shlisselburg

Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastery.

Church of Saint John the Precursor on Malyshevaia hill. Staraia Ladoga.

[Church of Our Saviour's Holy Face of Clement parish in Novaya Ladoga]

Chapel on the site where the city of Belozersk was founded in ancient times. [Near the village of Krokhino]

Girl with strawberries. [Topornya village]

Rafts on the [Catherine] Canal. City of Shlisselburg.

Chapel [of Cyril of Belozersk] on Olga [i.e. Maurova] hill [Near Goritskii Monastery]

Well on Olga [i.e. Maurova] hill [Near Goritskii Monastery]

Ostrechiny. Study. [Svir River]

Dinner during haying.

At harvest time

Stone-excavating machine of the multi-scoop type "Svirskaia pervaia."

‘The floodgate at the third versta from the town of Shlisselburg’

Bridge over Ekaterininskoe inlet in Shlisselburg

Stone-excavating machine of the single scoop type Svirskaia no. 2. [Sheksna River]

‘Evgenievsky spring. Borzhom’

Group of children [in Belozersk]

[View from the bell tower of the Trinity cathedral (of the Trinity Monastery) on Cathedral Square in Belgorod, during the celebration of the canonization of Ioasaf of Belgorod, September 4, 1911]

Bayga. Samarkand

[Armenian woman in holiday attire, Artvin]

‘Interior of the power plant in Gundukush’ [Iolotan]

Altar side of the Dmitrievskii Cathedral. [Vladimir]

[Church of the Ascension on the Mount Sekirnaya. Ascension Skit (Hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

Fresco in the Church of Isidor the Blessed. Rostov Velikii

[Mazar (Sepulchre) of Akhmed Zamchi. Ancient Merv]

‘In the field’ [Along with trans-Caspian railway]

‘Tekin cemetery (near Bairam-Ali)’

‘Ruins of Tekin fortifications near Bairam-Ali’ [Ancient Merv]

[Madrasa Tupchibashi in Bukhara]

[View on Polustova Mount, Zubtsov]

Entrance into the Emir's palace in Old Bukhara

Seacoast at Gagra (toward Adler)

[Tokorevskii] Cliff near the village of Tokorevka


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