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Borodino Station

[Flowers in a vase]

On the island of Capri. [Marina-Grande Port]

At the sea shore. [Batum]

Vazhinka River and the village Vazhino [Epiphany church in the village of Ust-Boiarskaya]

At harvest time

View of Novaia Ladoga.

Trader in the Registan. Samarkand

On the Saimaa Lake [Punkaharju]

Water pipe. Samarkand

Catholic Monastery [of San Francesco. Fiesole. Italy]

In Italy

Successive steps in the production of blades, scabbards, and manufacture of welded damask steel at the Zlatoust plant. Types of soldiers' sabers

Triglolastochka, or sea rooster. Batum

River Koloch at the village of Gorki with a high bank. Borodino [Battlefield]

Mulberry tree. Samarkand

Sart house. Samarkand

Carpenter. Samarkand

Near Samarkand. Study

Dagestan. Place of the capture of Shamil, [Verkhnii Gunib]

Duan-Beggi Medrese [Khanqah] (in Labikhauz). Bukhara

Students. Samarkand

‘Prime Minister of Bukhara (Kush-Beggi)’

Head study

Sentry at the palace, and old cannons [in Registan square]. Bukhara

Fat sheep. Golodnaia Steppe

‘Supplying cotton to cotton-processing manufacture in the Murgab Estate’ [Bairam-Ali]

View of the Kasli plant

Kasli settlements with the lake

Kasli settlements with the lake


[Lugano, Switzerland. View of San-Salvatore mountain]


Shackles with which Mikhail Nikitich Romanov was bound. The village of Nyrob. Ural

[Archaeological finds from Zubtsov and Ostashkov uyezds. Tver museum]

Leushinskii women's school. [Leushinskii monastery]

‘Junior wife of a Tekin in full dress’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Tekin grave of Two Brothers’ [Ancient Merv. Tombs of Askhabs Bureida and Ghifari]

Altar image in the Church of John the Theologian. [Leushinskii Monastery]

[Bridge across Kazikumukhskoe Koisu in the village of Gergebil]

‘Oven for cooking pilau’ [Bairam-Ali area]

Former mansion of the grand dukes, today the archbishop's house. [Riazan]

‘Cape Zelenyi in Batum. In Baratov's garden. Study’

Dredging machine, "Sheksninskaia" no. 1, with scoops and a delivery pipeline

Mother Superior Taisiia on the veranda. [Leushinskii Monastery]


Village of Kargulino. [Trinity] Church

View from the [west]. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Novyi Afon. View from the Iver Mountain

View from the bell tower of Spaso-Borodinskii Monastery in Borodino, where Marshal Ney attacked Bagration's flanks. Borodino [Battlefield]


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