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Old Petrovskii sluice near the village of Petrovskoe

Surface layers near Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod

Surface layers near Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod

General view of Nil's Hermitage from the village of Peski [Lake Seliger]

View of the Polyud Rock from the water tower. Cherdyn

[Hanging church chandelier that was found in the ruins of Torzhok Peter Tower. Tver museum]

Church of Saints Peter and Paul. [Belozersk]

Old wooden Church of the Prophet Elijah. [Belozersk]

[Holy Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

Detail of the Dmitrievskii Cathedral. [Vladimir]

Monument on the old Petrovskii [Mariinskii] canal. Petrovskoe.

Multicolored clay shales near Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod

Monument to Ermak in Tobolsk

Pavilion near the Kivach waterfall. Suna River

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Monument to Emperor Peter the Great

[Ancient Merv. Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum]

Kivach waterfall

View of Zlatoust from the west

Study. In the courtyard of the Church of the Resurrection. [Kostroma]

Scene in the town of Zlatoust

View of the city of Torzhok from the rampart. Visible are the churches of Saint Georgii and the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God

Dinner during haying.

Ekaterinburg. Entrance into the Tikhvinskii Monastery for women

Flowering apricot [tree] in the Emir's Shir-Budun garden. [near Bukhara]

[Rocks at the railway crossing near Yurezanskii Zavod settlement]

‘Dam on the Yurezan River. Bank groins’ [near Yurezansky Zavod]

Flowering apricot [tree] in Shir-Budun garden. [near Bukhara]

Emir's palace in the Kari grove near Bukhara

Bukhara. Qazi Nuraddin mosque (?)

‘Typical pylon of madrasah of the town of Bukhara’ [Madrasah Nadir-Dewan-Beggi]

Palace. Another facade. [In the Emir's Shir-Budun garden near Bukhara]

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese. Outer entrance. Bukhara

Detail of left side of Duan-Beggi medrese. Bukhara

‘Char-Minar’ [Bukhara]

Entrance gates into tsar's tomb. Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Drawings on tiles above gates into the tsar's tomb. Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Duan-Beggi Medrese [Khanqah] (in Labikhauz). Bukhara

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese (interior from the right side). Bukhara

Above entrance to Gauk man medrese. Bukhara

Detail inside the Baian-Kuli-Khan tomb. Bukhara

‘Prison of the town of Bukhara’

Wall painting in a niche in Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Excavation near Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod

Board with an inscription on the external wall of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, in Tver, where the relics of the Saint Mikhail, Prince of Tver, rest. [Board with the inscription about death and burial in Tver in 1718 the metropolitan Joasaph]

Dagestani types [village of Arakani]

[Holy Spirit] cathedral in Petrozavodsk

Cornflowers in a field of rye

Emperor Nicholas II dam and sluice. [Sheksna River, Chyornaya Gryada village].

View of a farm. Dagomys. Administration building

Sochi and seacoast


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