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Railroad bridge across the Western Dvina River near Dvinsk

Same church [Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker Church] from the west. [Nyrob]

On the Registan. Samarkand

‘By the Gundukush Dam’ [Iolotan]

Lynx. From the collection of N.P. Alin in Cherdyn

At the Saliuktin mines.

Trader in the Registan. Samarkand

View of the village of Veskovo and the lake, from the summer house near the monument to Peter the Great. Near Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Street in old Samarkand

[Baku. City Club]

Likanskii palace. [Near Borzhom]

Blast furnaces at the Satkinskii factory

Method for storing hay. Viazovaia Station

Corner of the Likanskii palace. [Near Borzhom]

View of Borodino Station from Utitskaia fortification

[Dagestan. Salty gorge]

Packaging department. Borzhom

Mosque in Vladikavkaz

Railroad dam in the Soroka inlet

Garden of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] and Saint Paul sluice. [In the village of Deviatiny]

[Malaia] Satka River

Town of Kem. General view

Emperor Nicholas II dam and sluice. [Sheksna River, Chyornaya Gryada village].

Cliffs on the Iurezan River near Ust-Katav

[Lodeinoe Pole] Station on the Olonetsk railroad

Ostrechina River. [Ostrechiny (Nikola) wharf at Svir River]

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

View of Ostrechiny [wharf]

Rafts on a shoal near the village of Kuria [Chusovaia River]

Dome of the Gur-Emir mosque [mausoleum] from west (cracked). Samarkand

Exit from the Gur-Emir mosque [mausoleum]. Samarkand

Detail of church [of the Resurrection on the Blood in St. Petersburg]

Icon in the Church of the Prophet Elijah. [Belozersk]

Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mother of God. [Belozersk]

Icon in the Church of the Prophet Elijah. [Belozersk]

Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old]. Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate

City of Dalmatov. View of the western section from the monastery's bell tower

Tatars by a campfire

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

Bashkir switchman [near Ust-Katav station]

Sunset in Gagra

Factory in Kyn belonging to Count S.A. Stroganov (work was stopped)

Village of Soroki. General view

General view of the city and Vytegra River

Study: nets [Village of Soroka]

School in the village of Pidma named after His Imperial Majesty, Sovereign, Heir Apparent, Crown Prince, Grand Duke Aleksei Nikolaevich [and Pidma Pushkin's Library]

Onezhskii Canal near Voznesene

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

[Cathedral of the Resurrection] in Vytegra

[Cathedral of the Resurrection], in Vytegra.


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