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City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the southern part

View of Svetlitsa [village] from the west. The Archangel Michael Church. [Lake Seliger]

[Village of Shueretskoe (Shuya) near town of Kem]

View of the bay (near the village of Soroki)

View of the city of Vytegra from a hill

(New) sepulchre with the relics of the Saint Mikhail, Prince of Tver, in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Tver

Smolensk. Fortress wall

View of Voznesene

Railroad dam in the Soroka inlet

View of the Dalmatov Monastery from the Iset River

[At veranda in Lugano, Switzerland]

View of Krokhino from Empress Maria Fedorovna dam

City of Rzhev. Part of Prince Fedor's and Prince Dmitrii's sides [of the city] with the Assumption of the Mother of God Church

Empress Maria Feodorovna dam. [In the village of Krokhino]

Dam and mill on Prince Fedor's side [of Rzhev]

Saint Paul dam in Deviatiny

[Murmansk railway near Maiguba station]

Materiki. Study. [Near the town of Vytegra]

[Mosaic walls in the Shah-i-Zinda (mausoleum Emir-Zade). Samarkand]

In [Shir-Budun] country palace of the Bukhara Emir [near Bukhara]

Petrozavodsk. Chapel built by Peter the Great [Cathedral of Peter and Paul]

Mosaics on the Shakh-i Zindeh walls. [Left portal of the mausoleum Tuman-Aka (entrance to the mosque)]. Samarkand

Group of Jewish children with a teacher. Samarkand

Study near the Kivach waterfall

Sart types. Samarkand

Group. [Near the lake of Vygozero]

Gagra wharf and seacoast

Assumption Cathedral from Kazan Mountain. Smolensk

Vazhinka River and the village Vazhino [Epiphany church in the village of Ust-Boiarskaya]

‘View of Gagra from the side of Turkish bazaar’

Petrozavodsk. General view from (Olonets) railroad.

Approach to the railroad bridge over the Lososinka River near the Petrozavodsk Station on the Murmansk railway

Mozhaisk Nikolaevskii Cathedral. A side view.

[Suna River at the village of Maloe Voronovo]

Suna River [at the village of Maloe Voronovo]

Rapids at Suna River [Por-Porog waterfall]

Suna River at the [Por-Porog] waterfall

[Suna River broadening below the Por-Porog waterfall]

[Detail of the Por-Porog waterfall]

Quarry [on the 50th verst of Murmansk Railway near Kondopoga village]

Railroad depot [of Murmansk Railway near Kondopoga village]

Pavilion near the Kivach waterfall. Suna River

Suna River before the Kivach waterfall

[View from the timber mill in the village of Lizhma]

At entrance to [upper chartak (canopy) of Shakh-i Zindeh]. Samarkand

Mosaics on the Shakh-i Zindeh walls. [Entrance to the mausoleum Shirin-Bika-Aka]. Samarkand

Tomb on the mountain in Shakh-i Zindeh. [Mausoleum built by Usto Ali Nesefi]. Samarkand

[Village of Ilemselga]

Trinity Monastery for men in the city of Tiumen. [Peter and Paul church]

Factory living quarters [Kovzhinskii sawmill. Kovzha River].


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