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Upper Volga lock

Upper Volga lock

Upper Volga lock

Assumption Church on Prince Fedor's side [in the town of Rzhev]

Torzhok. [Church of Michael the Archangel]

Torzhok. Camp and barracks

‘Holy Mother of God Church. Village of Gorodnia (35 verst from Tver')’

[Hotel of A. G. Barskov (formerly of Fedukhin-Pozharskii) in Torzhok]

‘Old chapel on the street of the town of Ostashkov’

‘Old chapel on the waterfront in the town of Ostashkov’

Trinity Cathedral [in the town of Ostashkov]

Village of Vidogoshchi, thirty-seven versts from Tver

[Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, Zubtsov]

Volga River near the city of Zubtsov. [View from Polustova Gora hill]

Rafts at [Upper Volga] lock waiting to be lowered

[Staritsa, view from the site of an old town]

General view of the Orsha Monastery taken from the road from the Volga

‘Ostashkov. General view‘ [from Voronii island]

New Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage)

[Tver. Church of St. Nikolas in Kapustniki]

Fishing settlements on Lake Seliger [in the town of Ostashkov]

Monks at work. Planting potatoes [in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage) of Nil's Monastery]

Site of the confluence of the Shosha River with the Volga River

Site of confluence of the Vazuza and Volga Rivers [in the town of Zubtsov]

Site of the source of the Western Dvina near the village of Kariakino three versts from Lake Peno in Tver Province, Ostashkov District

[Tver'. View of Volga from bridge up the river]

Rampart near the Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

Cemetery Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. Ostashkov

Church in Orsha Monastery. Orsha Ascension Monastery, twenty-two versts from Tver

Crushing of lime, five versts from [Upper Volga] lock

Source of the Volga River

Zubtsov. Part of the Volga and the Vazuza sides [of the city] with a bridge across the Volga River

City of Staritsa. General view with the Volga River

City of Rzhev. Part of Prince Fedor's and Prince Dmitrii's sides [of the city] with the Assumption of the Mother of God Church

City of Rzhev. Nativity of Christ Cathedral

City of Rzhev. Prince Fedor's side [of the city] with the Holy Protectoress Mother of God Church

City of Rzhev. Prince Fedor's side [of the city]. Nativity of Christ Cathedral. Taken from the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral

Chapel on the Holy Mountain (thirty-eight versts from Tver), on the site where the Saint Mikhail, Prince of Tver, bid goodbye to the boyars who accompanied him on his way to the Horde

Boris-Gleb Monastery, from the bridge. [Torzhok]

Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

Main mosque in Ufa from Sluchevskaia hill. (Mufti's residence)

Side view of mine works near the Satkinskii Zavod [Tiazhelyi iron mine. Irkuskan hill near Bakal]

Razguliai, outskirts of the city of Perm

Yekaterinburg. View of the house of the Chief of the Gornyi District from the dam

City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the southern part

City of Cherdyn

Yurezan Bridge

Study. (View) of Zlatoust through the trees from the Butylovskaia Mountain

‘Steam engine "Kompaund" with a Schmidt super-heater’ [at the depot in Perm]

Kamenskii factory with workers' housing


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