Villmanstrand [Lappenranta]. Finland

Villmanstrand [Lappenranta]. Finland

Castle in Nyslott [Savonlinna], Finland

On the Saimaa Canal

In the yard of Olofsborg castle in Nyslott [Savonlinna, Finland]

‘Triple lock on the Saimaa Canal. Melkie [i.e. Mälkiä]’. Finland.

On the Saimaa Canal. Finland [Lauritsala]

[House in Lauritsala, Finland]

On Saimaa lake [Study with a boat. Nyslott, Finland]

On Saimaa lake [View in Badhuspark of the city of Nyslott, Finland]

On the Saimaa Lake [Punkaharju]

‘Part of the city and wharf of boats’ [Nyslott, Finland]

Sunset [Nyslott, Finland]

Winter on the Saimaa Canal [Lauritsala, Finland]

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