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Monks in Kalandar-Khane. Samarkand

Detail of Shir-Dar (inside, to the right of the entrance). Samarkand

View toward Samarkand from Shakh-i Zindeh m[osque]

On the road from Chapan-Ata to Samarkand (village)

Zaravshan Valley from the east, from Chapan-Ata. Samarkand

Chapel [i.e. mazar] on Chapan-Ata Mountain, five versts from Samarkand

General view of Chapan-Ata Mountain. Samarkand

General view of mosque [i.e. mazar] at the top of Chapan-Ata Mountain. Samarkand

General view of the Bibi-Khanym mosque from Shakh-i Zindeh. Samarkand

Bibi-Khanym. Detail of [southeast] side. Samarkand

Above main entrance to Bibi-Khanym. Samarkand

Tsar-dam. General view from the [right bank]. Golodnaia Steppe

Sluice and regulator at the first verst on Emperor Nicholas I Canal with a temporary bridge. Begavat. Golodnaia Steppe

Cotton picking in Begavat. Golodnaia Steppe

Bridge beyond the rapids, over the Syr-Darya [near Khilkovo station]. From the right bank. Golodnaia Steppe

Rear of Shakh-i Zindeh. [Tuman-Aka mausoleum]. Samarkand

Passage of the Dead. Detail above entrance to [upper chartak (canopy) of Shakh-i Zindeh]. Samarkand

Detail of tomb of Tamerlane's relatives. [Mausoleum built by Usto Ali Nesefi]. Samarkand

Shah-i-Zindeh. In the Passage of the Dead. Samarkand

In the Passage of the Dead. [Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

The Passage of the Dead. [Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

Part of wall on right side of the Passage of the Dead. [Shadi-Mulk-Aka (Turkan-Aka) mausoleum. Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

Entrance into Namazga mosque. Samarkand

Dome of the Namazga mosque. Samarkand

Tomb of Baian-Kuli-Khan. Bukhara

Detail of left side of Duan-Beggi medrese. Bukhara

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese (interior from the right side). Bukhara

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese. Outer entrance. Bukhara

Above entrance to Gauk man [Gaukushon] medrese. Bukhara

Drawings on tiles above gates into the tsar's tomb. Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Detail inside the Baian-Kuli-Khan tomb. Bukhara

Emir's palace in the Kari grove near Bukhara

Stork on nest (Bukhara). [Madrasa Bazaar Gusfand]

Detail of gate from left side of the interior. Gur-Emir. Samarkand

Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara

Wall and column above Shir-Dar. Samarkand

Right dome of Shir-Dar mosque. Samarkand

Students in Mudaris [madrasa]. Samarkand

Inside Shir-Dar mosque [madrasa]. Samarkand

Sart woman. Samarkand

On the Siab River. Samarkand

On the Siab River. Samarkand

Portion of entrance door on right side of Tillia-Kari. Samarkand

Tillia-Kari from Registan square. Samarkand

Tillia-Kari from Uluk-Bek. Samarkand

Sacred well inside courtyard in Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Migrant farmstead in the settlement of Nadezhdinsk with a group of peasantsy. Golodnaia Steppe

Water-carrier. Samarkand

Mulberry tree. Samarkand

Sart house. Samarkand

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