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Tomb of Baian-Kuli-Khan. Bukhara

Detail of left side of Duan-Beggi medrese. Bukhara

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese (interior from the right side). Bukhara

[Medrese of Abdullah-khan. Complex of] Kush-medrese. Outer entrance. Bukhara

Above entrance to Gauk man medrese. Bukhara

Drawings on tiles above gates into the tsar's tomb. Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Detail inside the Baian-Kuli-Khan tomb. Bukhara

Emir's palace in the Kari grove near Bukhara

Stork on nest (Bukhara). [Madrasa Bazaar Gusfand]

Detail of gate from left side of the interior. Gur-Emir. Samarkand

Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara

Wall and column above Shir-Dar. Samarkand

Right dome of Shir-Dar mosque. Samarkand

Students in Mudaris [madrasa]. Samarkand

Inside Shir-Dar mosque [madrasa]. Samarkand

Sart woman. Samarkand

On the Siab River. Samarkand

On the Siab River. Samarkand

Portion of entrance door on right side of Tillia-Kari. Samarkand

Tillia-Kari from Registan square. Samarkand

Tillia-Kari from Uluk-Bek. Samarkand

Sacred well inside courtyard in Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Migrant farmstead in the settlement of Nadezhdinsk with a group of peasantsy. Golodnaia Steppe

Water-carrier. Samarkand

Mulberry tree. Samarkand

Sart house. Samarkand

Carpenter. Samarkand

Near Samarkand. Study

Karagach [trees]. Samarkand

Karagach. Samarkand

Mosaics on walls in Old Bukhara. [Mir-i Arab Madrasa]

Mirza-Uluk-Bek. Registan. Samarkand

Policeman in Samarkand

Wall painting in a niche in Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Entrance gates into tsar's tomb. Bogoeddin. Bukhara

Sart house. On the outskirts of Samarkand

Receiving room in the settlement of Spassky. Golodnaia Steppe

Students. Samarkand

On the Registan. Samarkand

Trader in the Registan. Samarkand

Street in old Samarkand

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

Tomb on the same side in the Passage of the Dead. [Shakh-i Zindeh]. Samarkand

Niche in back wall of the Passage of the Dead. [Khodja Akhmed Mausoleum. Shakh-i Zindeh]. Samarkand

Part of wall on right side of the Passage of the Dead. [Tughlu Tekin (Amir Husayn). Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

Exit from the Passage of the Dead from inside. [Amir Burunduk Mausoleum. Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

In the Passage of the Dead, above the tomb on the left side. [Tuman-Aka Mausoleum. Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

Detail of left side in the Passage of the Dead. [Tuman-Aka Mausoleum. Shah-i-Zindeh]. Samarkand

Shakh-i Zindeh. Detail over entrance from the left. Samarkand

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