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Monastery church of the Assumption of the Mother of God. [Tikhvinskii Monastery, Ekaterinburg]

Cliffs on the Iset River. [Near Kamenskii Zavod].

Drawing of a map of France, made from Ural stones

Frame for a vestibule in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in SPB [Saint Petersburg]

General view of Kamenskii factory with the dam [Kamensk-Uralskiĭ]

Little Chertovo Gorodishche

Study of Chertovo Gorodishche

Stratification on the Chertovo Gorodishche

Big Chertovo Gorodishche

At the top of Chertovo Gorodishche

Near Chertovo Gorodishche

Chertovo Gorodishche

Chertovo Gorodishche [rock formation]

Eastern portion of Chertovo Gorodishche

View from Chertovo Gorodishche

Samples of models

Generalskaia dacha

Successive stages of grinding a stone egg. [Imperial Lapidary Works, Ekaterinburg]

Planing machine. [Imperial Lapidary Works, Ekaterinburg]

Planing machine at the [Imperial] Lapidary Works. [Ekaterinburg]

Elder Makarii by his cell. [Verkhoture]

Father Superior Ksenofont, the abbott of the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Ekaterinburg. A pond in the Kharitonov garden

Ekaterinburg. Entrance into the Tikhvinskii Monastery for women

Kharitonov's House in the city of Ekaterinburg

Verkh-Isetskii factory near the city of Ekaterinburg

Olenii Rock. [Chusovaia River]

Obukhovskie mineral springs (sulfurous and ferrous) seven versts from the city of Kamyshlov

Shaitan Rock, the boets. [Chusovaia River]

Spur of Shaitan Rock. Study. [Chusovaia River]

Shaitan Rock. General view from the village of Novaia Derevnia. [Chusovaia River]

Refectory and church of the Grieving Mother of God in the monastery. [Tikhvinskii Monastery, Ekaterinburg]

Skeleton of large-horned stag in the museum of the city of Ekaterinburg

Shaitanskii factory, ceasing operations in 1905. Chusovaia River

Chusovaia River near the hydrometric station at the confluence of the Reshotka River

Site of former altar in a temporary tent church of the Musketeers Regiment. [Yekaterinburg]

View of Kamenskii Cast Iron Smelting Factory

Rafts on a shoal near the village of Kuria [Chusovaia River]

Holy gates in Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Holy gates [photographed] from [inside] the monastery [Verkhoturskii Monastery, Verkhoture]

Corner tower of the wall surrounding the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

View of the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Gold-mining works on the Berezovka River. [Berezovskii mine]

Miners washing gold-bearing sand. [Berezovskii mine]

Miners washing gold-bearing sand. [Berezovskii mine]

Recovery of gold-bearing sand. [Berezovskii mine]

Gold miners working. [Berezovskii mine]

Gold-prospecting work near the Berezovskii mine

Gold-bearing Berezovka River at the Berezovskii mine

City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the southern part

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