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By the pond. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Seacoast at Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra

View of Gagry from the highway

Peasant apiary near Gagry

Gagry from the road to Adler

General view of Novye Gagry

General view of the ruins of [the temple of 10th century and] the castle near the Bzyb River. From the highway. [Village of Akvara]

Fig (fig tree). In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Bamboo. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Bananas. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Rice. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Pinus Excelsa. Chamaerops excelsus (windmill palm) in Sukhum Botanical Garden

Sunset at the sea

In the monastery garden

In the monastery garden

Novyi Afon (monastery)

Novyi Afon. Entrance to the monastery

Novyi Afon. General view of the monastery

Novyi Afon. View of the monastery from the west

Novyi Afon. Monastery services and the old church

Novyi Afon [monastery]. The entrance to Lastochkino Gnezdyshko (Swallows Nest) rock

In the monastery's garden. Novyi Afon

Novyi Afon [monastery]. View from the south

Yucca in bloom. Novyi Afon [monastery]

View from the [west]. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Novyi Afon. View from the Iver Mountain

‘Koldakhvary. Shed for drying corn’

Bathhouse. Gagra

Victoria regia. Grown outdoors in Europe for the first time. Planted in June 1912. Botanical garden in Sukhumi

Sunset in Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra (toward Adler)

Gagra wharf and seacoast

Bzyb River

Cherniavskii Mountain, from the east. Sukhum

Monastery ponds. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Cotton. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Gagra wharf

Monastery garden. Novyi Afon

View of Lastochkino Gnezdo and the new home of Father Tiverii [Novyi Afon, monastery]

General view of monastery and seacoast from the cell of Father Tiverii. Novyi Afon

Novyi Afon [monastery]. General view

Sukhum [Sukhumi]. General view of city and bay from Cherniavskii Mountain

Sukhum [Sukhumi] from the sea

Church in Koldakhvary, eight versts from Gagra

In the monastery's garden. Novyi Afon. (‘Beekeeper's cottage’)

Small house for oil manufacturing. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Ruins of [the temple of 10th century and] the fortress above the Bzyb River. [Village of Akvara]

New inn. Gagra

‘Pond feeding [water] to the electric station's turbine. Along the road to the falls’. [Gagra]

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