Railroad dam in the Soroka inlet

General view of the village of Soroki from the [Soroka] island

Village of Soroki. General view

View of the bay (near the village of Soroki)

Railroad dam in the Soroka inlet

[Sorokskaya Bay] Station

[Study near the rapid of Matkozhnia on the Vyg River]

Rapid Matkozhnia on the [Vyg] River

‘Rapid Sosnovets on the [Wyg] River’

Study: nets [Village of Soroka]

[Village of Soroka. Rapid on the Soroka (Vyg) River]

Fishing settlement [Village of Soroka]

Fishing settlement [Village of Soroka. Zosima and Savvatiy church]

[Village of Shueretskoe (Shuya) near town of Kem]

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