On the Tobol River at the village of Gilev. Study

Grave of Metropolitan Felofei [i.e, Filofei] in the Trinity Monastery Cathedral in Tiumen

Tura River in the city of Tiumen, view from the southwest

Village of Pokrovskoe on the Tura River

Iambaevskie [i.e. Yembaevskie] yurts situated seventeen versts from the city of Tiumen on the Tura River

Trinity Monastery for men in the city of Tiumen. [Peter and Paul church]

Steamer Tiumen of the Ministry of Communication and Transportation

Tura River in the city of Tiumen. On the right is the Trinity Monastery for men (view from the east)

View of the part of Tiumen across the river from the monastery. From the west. The Church of Saint Georgii

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