Shaitanskii factory, ceasing operations in 1905. Chusovaia River

Rafts on a shoal near the village of Kuria [Chusovaia River]

General view of the wharf at Kyn

Factory in Kyn belonging to Count S.A. Stroganov (work was stopped)

Village of Rodina. [Chusovaia River]

Village of Romanovka seen from Romanovka Rock (a part of the rock is visible on the right). Photographed from the Romanovka River. [Chusovaia River]

Peasant hut in the village of Martianova/ [Chusovaia River]

Hut in the forest, for woodcutters and kuria (coal burning). [Chusovaia River]

Shaitanskii factory owned by Count Stenbock-Fermor. Chusovaia River

Night camp by a rock on the bank of the Chusovaia

[Visyachii Rock. Chusovaia River]

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