Patriarch Iova's sakkos [bishop's robe]. [Staritsa Assumption Monastery]

Plashchanitsa [shroud with image of Christ], embroidered by Anastasiia Romanova (Iureva Zakhareva, first wife of Ivan the Terrible, 1547) in 1543, and Patriarch Iov's epigonation. [Staritsa Assumption Monastery]

Some articles from the Staritsa Monastery sacristy: Saint Dionysius' mitre, Saint Dionysius' censer and cross. Patriarch Iov's cross

Iconstasis in the Assumption Cathedral (800 years) in Staritsa Monastery

Resting place of Patriarch Iov, Staritsa Assumption Monastery

Staritsa Assumption Monastery. View from the site of an old town

City of Staritsa. General view with the Volga River

Rafts stopping for the night near the city of Staritsa

City of Staritsa. Across the Volga River. Exaltation of the Cross Church

Entrance into the Staritsa Assumption Monastery

View of the Volga River from the site of an old town near Staritsa

Staritsa. Church of the Resurrection of Christ

City of Staritsa. Church of Good Friday. Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker is seen in the back

[Assumption Monastery, Staritsa]

[Staritsa, view from the site of an old town]

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