Elder Makarii by his cell. [Verkhoture]

Father Superior Ksenofont, the abbott of the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Holy gates in Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Holy gates [photographed] from [inside] the monastery [Verkhoturskii Monastery, Verkhoture]

Corner tower of the wall surrounding the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

View of the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Life-Giving Source Skete [Aktay Skete] at the Verkhturskii Monastery. [Near Verkhoturye]

Church of Our Protectress and [Intercession] monastery for women. [Verkhoture]

Entrance into the monastery's Nikolskii Cathedral [Church of Verkhoturskii Monastery, Verkhoturye]

Sepulchre with relics of Venerable Simeon Verkhoturskii [in St. Nikolas church of St. Nikolas Monastery, Verkhoturye]

Trinity Cathedral in Verkhoturye

Group of children. ​​[Nizhny Tagil]

Fence with a cellar for storage of dynamite and warden's hut ​​[Demidov iron mine, Vysokaya (Magnit) Mount]

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