Rafailovo Assumption women's community in Ialutorovsk district in Isetsk volost

General view of the city of Ialutorovsk from the north

Village of Rafailovo. [Iset River]

Iset River at the Rafailovo community

City of Ialutorovsk

Part of the construction of the left side of the bridge (taken downriver). [Ialutorovsk]

View of Rafailovo Assumption community from the banks of the Iset River

Railroad bridge under construction over the Tobol River near Ialutorovsk (taken downriver)

Side view of the railroad bridge being built across the Tobol River. [Ialutorovsk]

Mills (in Ialutorovsk district of Tobolsk Province)

[View from a pier of the bridge across Tobol River?]

Iconostasis in [Sretensky] Cathedral in the city of Yalutorovsk

[Sretensky] Cathedral in the city of Yalutorovsk

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