Monument [of Peter I] outside the cathedral [the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Lodeinoe Pole] on the bank of the Svir River

Village of Fevronevo [Khevronyino]

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Voznesene road

Onezhskii Canal near Voznesene

View of Voznesene

Monument dedicated to the opening of the Onezhskii Canal. [In the village of Voznesenye]

Town of Lodeinoe Pole, Olonetskaia Province

General view of the town of Lodeinoe Pole

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, in the town of Lodeinoe Pole

Right bank of the Onega Canal. [Near Megrskoe Lake]

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Monument to Emperor Peter the Great

Stone-excavating machine in [Onega] canal

Chapel in Miatusovo

Signal tower and storehouses of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] in Suvalda. [Svir River]

Stone-excavating machine of the multi-scoop type "Svirskaia pervaia."

Fire alarm on steamboat Sheksna. [Onega Canal]

View of Podporozhe

Chapel with stone cross from the time of Peter the Great. Lodeinoe Pole.

Guardhouse. [Onega Canal near Megrskoe Lake]

‘Holy Trinity Aleksandr Svirskii Monastery. View from the road.’

Medvedets rapids.

Kareshka boat yard. [The wharf in the village of Voznesenye]

[Lodeinoe Pole] Station on the Olonetsk railroad

[Transfiguration part of Aleksandro-Svirskii Monastery. Holy Gate]

[Refectory with Pokrovskaya Church in Aleksandro-Svirskii Monastery.]

[Wall paintings in the Trinity Cathedral in Aleksandro-Svirskii Monastery.]

Vazhinka River and the village Vazhino [Epiphany church in the village of Ust-Boiarskaya]

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