Village of Paltoga

In Paltoga. Study

Cornflowers in a field of rye

Cornflowers in a field of rye

Gong and boards with records of visits to the chapel in the village of Petrovskoe

Repair shop of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] in Deviatiny. [Vytegra River]

Kovzhskaia dam

Garden of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] and Saint Paul sluice. [In the village of Deviatiny]

General view of the city and Vytegra River

[Cathedral of the Resurrection] in Vytegra

View of the city of Vytegra from a hill

Saint Paul dam in Deviatiny

Materiki. Study. [Near the town of Vytegra]

Fire squad in the city of Vytegra

Crew of the steamship "Sheksna" of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation. In the town of Vytegra]

Assumption of the Mother of God Church in Deviatiny (200 years old).

[Volokov draw bridge on the Vytegra River]

Chapel for water blessing, in the village of Deviatiny

Dredger Mariinskaia no. 5

Church of Our Savior and the Protection of the Mother of God. Vytegorskii Pogost. [The village of Ankhimovo]

Village of Deviatiny and the Saint Boris dam [floodgate of lock]

Tank barge of the Nobel brothers [near the village of Ankhimovo (Vytegra Pogost)]

Saint Ksenia's dam [near the town of Vytegra]

Drawbridge on the Vytegra River [in the town of Vytegra]

Monument on the old Petrovskii [Mariinskii] canal. Petrovskoe.

Loparev [Heilborn] cardboard factory. Belyi Ruchei.

[Cathedral of the Resurrection], in Vytegra.

Rescue station on Onega Lake. [in the estuary of Vytegra River]

Onega Lake. Site of rescue station. [In the estuary of Vytegra River]

Chapel of Emperor Peter the Great, near the village of Petrovskoe.

Materiki. [Saint Parascheva of the Balkans] Chapel

Materiki. [Parascheva of the Balkans] Chapel

Woodcutters [in the estuary of Vytegra] River

[Obelisk with an inscription that from 1882 to 1886 in the reign of Alexander III was carried out construction of a new connecting canal between the Vytegra River and Kovzha River. Village of Aleksandrovskoe]

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