Water lilies. Study. [Emperor Peter the Great Canal]

Pinkhus Karlinskii. Eighty-four years [old]. Sixty-six years of service. Supervisor of Chernigov floodgate

Bridge over Ekaterininskoe inlet in Shlisselburg

Site of former palace of Empress Catherine the Great. City of Shlisselburg

Guardhouse near the village of Bugry

Rafts on the [Catherine] Canal. City of Shlisselburg.

‘Ffloodgate and guardhouse of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] at Belyie Ozerki’

‘Tow rope bridge in the village of Lava’

Village of Naziya. Emperor Peter the Great Canal. [View of Naziya River from Canal]

Village of Chernoe

‘The floodgate at the third versta from the town of Shlisselburg’

[Village of Kobona. The floodgate on Kobonka river]

[Village of Kobona]

‘Church in village of Kobona‘

[St. Nikolas church in Lavrovo village]

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