Shaitan Rock, the boets. [Chusovaia River]

Spur of Shaitan Rock. Study. [Chusovaia River]

Shaitan Rock. General view from the village of Novaia Derevnia. [Chusovaia River]

Chusovaia River near the hydrometric station at the confluence of the Reshotka River

Near Zotovskaia Canal on the axis of the Reshotka River Canal, at the water tower of Khrustalnaia Station, on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

Village of Kamenka. General view. [Chusovaia River]

Hut of settler Artemii, nicknamed Kota, who has lived at this place more than 40 years

Khrustalnaia Station on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

Part of Grebeshki Rock. [Chusovaia River]

Sibirskii Rock. Chusovaia River

Chapel on Georgievskii Rock. (The chapel is called Georgievskaia). [Chusovaia River]

‘Upper Georgievskii Rock’. [Chusovaia River]

‘Upper Georgievskii Rock and a general view of the settlement of Utka’. [Chusovaia River]

‘Chasovoy Rock’. [Chusovaia River]

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