Smolensk. Fortress wall

Smolensk. View from Lopatinskii Garden

Part of Smolensk beyond the Dnieper [River] from [Oryol] Tower

Smolensk. Monument to 1812

Miraculous icon of Mother of God-Odigitriia in the Assumption Cathedra. [Smolensk]

Fortress wall with Veselukha tower. Smolensk

Smolensk. Part of the fortress wall on Kazan Mountain

Smolensk. Fortress wall

General view of the northwestern part of Smolensk

Smolensk. Church of Saints Peter and Paul, twelfth century

View of the Dnieper [River] from Veselukha Tower. Smolensk

Mother of God Church. Smolensk

Avraamievskii Monastery. Smolensk

Northeastern part of the city of Smolensk with the fortress wall

Assumption Cathedral from Kazan Mountain. Smolensk

General view of the northern part from the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral. City of Smolensk

Smolensk. View of the fortress wall from Lopatiniskii Garden

Smolensk. Assumption Cathedral from the east

Miraculous icon of Mother of God-Odigitria in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. [Smolensk]

Smolensk. Nikolskii gates

View of the fortress wall from Veselukha Tower. Smolensk

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