Pogost [country church with cemetery] in a forest one verst from Zubtsov along the Volga River

Site of confluence of the Vazuza and Volga Rivers [in the town of Zubtsov]

Zubtsov. Part of the Volga and the Vazuza sides [of the city] with a bridge across the Volga River

Volga River near the city of Zubtsov. [View from Polustova Gora hill]

‘Zubtsov, side across the Volga’

[The city of Zubtsov. Confluence of the Vazuza and Volga Rivers]

[View on Polustova Mount, Zubtsov]

‘Ascension country church with cemetery near the city of Zubtsov’

‘Zubtsov. Vazuza side [of the city] with the Vazuza River, flowing into the Volga River’

[Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, Zubtsov]

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