View of the [Solovetskii] monastery from the inn

Monastery's boat. A study. [Solovetski Islands]

[Fat-rendering plant at Seldyanoi cape. Solovetski Islands]

View of the Solovetskii Monastery from land. [Solovetski Islands]

Solovetskii Monastery from the lake [Nikolas' Gate and Nikolas' Tower]

General view of the Solovetskii Monastery.

[Chapel of St. Savvatiy in Savvatiyevsky skit (hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

[At Arkhangeskie Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

[Holy Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

[Electric station, Transfiguration Cathedral and Filippovskaya Church. Solovetsky Monastery]

[Tsar's bell tower. Solovetsky Monastery]

[Korozhnaya tower of Solovetsky Monastery and Church of Icon of Our Lady Ease My Sorrows]

[Tomb of Hieromonk Avraamiy (Palitsyn) near the wall of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Solovetsky monastery]

[View of Solovetsky Monastery from the bay]

[View from the Mount Sekirnaya on Savvatiy Skit (Hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

[Church of the Ascension on the Mount Sekirnaya. Ascension Skit (Hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

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