Seacoast at Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra

View of Gagry from the highway

Peasant apiary near Gagry

Gagry from the road to Adler

General view of Novye Gagry

Bathhouse. Gagra

Sunset in Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra (toward Adler)

Gagra wharf and seacoast

Gagra wharf

New inn. Gagra

‘Pond feeding [water] to the electric station's turbine. Along the road to the falls’. [Gagra]

Black Sea coast [at the entrance to Gagra (the road to Adler)]

‘View of Gagra from the side of Turkish bazaar’

‘Temporary inn. Gagra’

‘Gagra. From the wharf’

‘Gagra. View of [Prince Oldenburg's] palace from the wharf’

‘Gagra. His Highness Prince Oldenburg's palace from the highway’

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