Water lilies [Borzhom]

[Bottling department of] mineral water. Borzhom

Gorge of the (upper) Chernaia River. Borzhom

[Corner of the palace. Borzhom]

Chernaya River. [Near Borzhom]

General view of Grand Prince Mikhail Nikolaevich's palace. Borzhom

Corner of the palace. Borzhom

Grand Prince Mikhail Nikolaevich's palace. [Borzhom]

Glass factory in Borzhom

Packaging department. Borzhom

Distributing of [mineral] water. Borzhom

Georgian women [i.e. woman]. [In the park of Borzhom?]

Beshenaia gully. [Borzhom]

‘Tree plantation. View from Vorontsov plateau’ [Borzhom]

Olginsky bridge. Borzhom. (‘ View of Borzhom from the pine hill’)

‘Borzhom. General view’

‘General view of Borzhom from Torskii plateau’

‘Ekaterininsky spring. Borzhom’

‘Evgenievsky spring. Borzhom’

[Mountains above Borzhom from Vorontsov plateau]

‘Georgian women in holiday attire’ [in the park of Borzhom]

‘Borzhom. Dachas on Torskaia mountain’

‘View of Borzhom from Torskaia road’

‘Storehouse of mineral waters. Borzhom’ [other side of the building]

[Borzhom. Storehouse of mineral waters and] ‘Lumber mill on Chernaia River’

Borzhom. Sawmill and glass factory and packing department of mineral waters’

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