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‘Lezgian.’ [Dagestan, village of Arakani (?)]

Dagestani types [Village of Arakani]

Dagestani types [village of Arakani]

Forest road

[Dagestan. On the way between Arakani and Gergebil]

‘Avars Women. Dagestan.’ [Village of Arakani]

Dagestan. [Village of Arakani]

General view of the Church of Saint John Chrysostom, in Korovniki (from the mill) from the southwest. Yaroslavl

Entrance into the Church of John the Theologian in the Kremlin. Rostov Velikii

Church of Tikhon the Miracle Worker. Yaroslavl

Fresco in the [summer] Church of the Fedorov Mother of God. Yaroslavl

Iconostasis in the [summer] Church of the Fedorov Mother of God. Yaroslavl

(Winter) Church of [St. Nikolas Pensky]. Yaroslavl

[Suna River at the village of Maloe Voronovo]

Suna River [at the village of Maloe Voronovo]

Ostrechiny. Study. [Svir River]

On the Ordezh [i.e. Oredezh] River near the Siverskaia Station, Saint Petersburg province

Detail of church [of the Resurrection on the Blood in St. Petersburg]

Confluence of the Irtysh and Tobol rivers. [Tobolsk]

View of the monastery from Svetlitsa [Island, Saint Nil Stolbenskii Monastery, Lake Seliger]

Drying nets on Lake Seliger [Ostashkov]

General view of the [Nikolaevskii] cathedral from southwest. Mozhaisk

Study near the Kivach waterfall

On the handcar outside Petrozavodsk on the Murmansk railway

Rafts on the [Catherine] Canal. City of Shlisselburg.

Greben Cliff [Smirnyi stone] on Iurezan River near the bridge

‘External gates below the Hierarchs' chambers. Rostov Velikii’

‘Gates under the Church of the Resurrection (outside, below). Rostov Velikii’

Spaso-Evfimievskii Monastery. Bell tower. [Suzdal]

Spaso-Evfimievskii Monastery. Entrance gate. Suzdal

Riazan. The Trubezh River and the Cathedral of Christ's Nativity

Entrance into the Monastery of Our Savior. [Riazan]

General view of the Solovetskii Monastery.

Riazan. Assumption Cathedral from the west

Detail of a wall in the Assumption Cathedral. [Riazan]

Former mansion of the grand dukes, today the archbishop's house. [Riazan]

Chapel from the time of Peter the Great, near Kivach waterfall. [Vikshitsa village]

View of Novaia Ladoga.

View of Staraia Ladoga.

Church of Saint John the Precursor on Malyshevaia hill. Staraia Ladoga.

Church of the Kazan Mother of God, in Feodor Stratilat Monastery. Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

‘Group of pupils at the pond.’ [In Yasnaya Polyana]

In Yasnaya Polyana.

Monument to Peter the Great. View from the boat. Near Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Monument to Peter the Great. Near Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

[Quarry at railway near Vyg Lake]

Type of barrack for prisoners of war [near Maiguba statiton]

[Murmansk railway near Maiguba station]

Group. [Near the lake of Vygozero]

[Study near the rapid of Matkozhnia on the Vyg River]

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