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General view of Rostov Velikii and the Kremlin, from the island

Very old stone building in the garden of the Rostov Kremlin, which according to legend, was used as a bathhouse in the Rostov Archbishop's house. Rostov Velikii

Entrance to the Belaia Palata [White Palace]. Rostov Velikii

Church of the Oranta of the Mother of God, in the Kremlin. Rostov Velikii

Chapel in Miatusovo

Sochi. View from the west. Sochi River

Valley of the Sochi River

Inflow of the Dagomys River into the sea and Sochi's cape

Boris and Gleb Cathedral. Borisoglebsk

Entrance to the Borisoglebskii Monastery from the west. Borisoglebsk

Borisoglebskii Monastery's bell tower, from the west. Borisoglebsk

Venerable Irinarkh's cell in the Borisoglebskii Monastery. Borisoglebsk

Detail of the entrance to the Borisoglebskii Monastery. Borisoglebsk

Borisoglebskii Monastery from the northwest. Borisoglebsk

General view of the Golutvinskii Monastery for men, from the west. Cathedral of the Venerable Sergii Radonezhskii. [Kolomna]

Corner tower of the Golutvinskii Monastery. [Kolomna]

Corner of the Golutvinskii Monastery with the Moscow River. [Kolomna]

Tank barge of the Nobel brothers [near the village of Ankhimovo (Vytegra Pogost)]

Sentry at the palace, and old cannons [in Registan square]. Bukhara

Stone-excavating machine of the single scoop type Svirskaia no. 2. [Sheksna River]

Gagra wharf

Church of the Resurrection of Christ, in the Kremlin. Rostov Velikii

L.N. Tolstoi. In Iasnaia Poliana

At the Saliuktin mines.

Perm. Summertime location of the exchange

View of Kamenskii Cast Iron Smelting Factory

Signal tower and storehouses of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] in Suvalda. [Svir River]

Old cross in the Assumption Monastery for women.[Staraia Ladoga]

Khrustalnaia Station on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

Eggplants [in the village of Uch-Dere, near Dagomys?]

Kamenskii factory with workers' housing

City of Yekaterinburg. Pond embankment

Batum. Town of Nobelevskii from Fort II

Steamer Tiumen of the Ministry of Communication and Transportation

Stone-excavating machine of the multi-scoop type "Svirskaia pervaia."

Fire alarm on steamboat Sheksna. [Onega Canal]

[Imperial road] palace in the village of Borodino

[Imperial road] palace in the village of Borodino. View from the side of the garden.

Mill near the town of Luga, Saint Petersburg province [in the estate of I. V. Stoll]

Tugboat with a caravan. [Sheksna River].

In Monrepos Park in Vyborg [View of island-necropolis and Ludwigstain (Ludwigsburg) chapel].

Wooden Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. The village of Pidma

Tura River in the city of Tiumen. On the right is the Trinity Monastery for men (view from the east)

View of the part of Tiumen across the river from the monastery. From the west. The Church of Saint Georgii

General view of the Church of the Transfiguration. Pidma.

Solovetskii Monastery from the lake [Nikolas' Gate and Nikolas' Tower]

Kivach waterfall

Side view of the Kivach waterfall

Railroad bridge over the Shuia River

Zlatoust Station

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