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[Detail of the Por-Porog waterfall]

[Detail of the Por-Porog waterfall]

[At Arkhangeskie Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

‘Valley of the Western Dagomys River. Fisht Mountain in the background’ [Dagomys]

‘Excavation near Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod’

[Razgulyaevskii (?) cut and the] rock at the confluence of the Iset and Kamenka Rivers

[The rock] near the confluence of the Iset and Kamenka Rivers. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Aleksandrovskii mount (?)

‘Vetluga settlement near the Satkinskii factory’

‘Ziuratkul mountain near the Tiazhelyi mine’ [View from Irkuskan hill]

Village of Chernoe

‘Aleksandrovskii mount’

‘At the foot of Aleksandrovskii mount’

‘On the way to Yurezan Bridge’

‘Yurezan Bridge with excavation’

‘On the way to Yurezan Bridge’

Factory settlement [of Yurezansky Zavod]

Bridge across the Katav River, near the [Katav-Ivanovsk] factory

‘Pond near Yurezan factory’

‘Napoleon, waiting for peace’ [painting of V. Vereshchagin]

Extracting a spoke from the dam (Poare system) [The dam of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, village of Nilovitsy (Nilovtsy)]

‘Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod. A factory pond and a dam’

At the lake [Zyuratkul]

Kareshka boat yard. [The wharf in the village of Voznesenye]

Woodcutters [in the estuary of Vytegra] River

[Dagestan. View of the village of Nizhny Gunib from the house the Chief of District]

[The city of Zubtsov. Confluence of the Vazuza and Volga Rivers]

[Rocks at the railway crossing near Yurezanskii Zavod settlement]

[Rocks at the railway crossing near Yurezanskii Zavod settlement]

[View of Volga River from the bridge near the village of Kokovkino before flowing into lake Sterzh]

‘View of Sochi from the bridge’

'Lake Sterzh with the Volga emptying into it'

Ladva Station on the [Olonets] railroad. Uneveness of the railway

[Lodeinoe Pole] Station on the Olonetsk railroad

[View of Ostashkovsky stretch of Seliger Lake from the embankment of Nilov Monastery]

In the mountains of Dagestan. [View of the Hindakh valley from the village of Gunib]

[View of the gardens of Gergebil through Suldagskaya gorge]

[View from Suldagskaya gorge (near Gergebil) along the river toward Gunib]

[Obelisk with an inscription that from 1882 to 1886 in the reign of Alexander III was carried out construction of a new connecting canal between the Vytegra River and Kovzha River. Village of Aleksandrovskoe]

School in the village of Pidma named after His Imperial Majesty, Sovereign, Heir Apparent, Crown Prince, Grand Duke Aleksei Nikolaevich [and Pidma Pushkin's Library]

‘City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the central part’

[Plaque commemorating foundation of Yekaterinburg]

[Bust of Jesus. Tver museum]

General view of Suzdal with a cathedral from the bell tower of the Dimitrievskaia Church

Cathedral of the Nativity of [the Virgin. Suzdal]

[Village of Novinka. Vladimirskaya (Peter and Paul) Church of Pogost Sterzh]

[View on the village of Kokovkino from the village of Novinka. Lake Sterzh]

Side entrance into the Ipatevskii Monastery from the Kostroma River [Catherine Gate]

[Transfiguration part of Aleksandro-Svirskii Monastery. Holy Gate]

[Refectory with Pokrovskaya Church in Aleksandro-Svirskii Monastery.]

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