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Fire alarm on steamboat Sheksna. [Onega Canal]

[Imperial road] palace in the village of Borodino

[Imperial road] palace in the village of Borodino. View from the side of the garden.

Mill near the town of Luga, Saint Petersburg province [in the estate of I. V. Stoll]

Tugboat with a caravan. [Sheksna River].

In Monrepos Park in Vyborg [View of island-necropolis and Ludwigstain (Ludwigsburg) chapel].

Wooden Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. The village of Pidma

Tura River in the city of Tiumen. On the right is the Trinity Monastery for men (view from the east)

View of the part of Tiumen across the river from the monastery. From the west. The Church of Saint Georgii

General view of the Church of the Transfiguration. Pidma.

Solovetskii Monastery from the lake [Nikolas' Gate and Nikolas' Tower]

Kivach waterfall

Side view of the Kivach waterfall

Railroad bridge over the Shuia River

Zlatoust Station

Monastery garden. Novyi Afon

Fabric merchants in the Registan. Samarkand

Bibi-Khanym mosque. Samarkand

Tea room. Samarkand

Flat breads vendor. Samarkand

Observing a solar eclipse on January 1, 1907, near the Cherniaevo Station in the Tian-Shan mountains above the Saliukta mines.

General view of the first church in Spaso-Borodinskii Monastery.

Koloch River from the bridge by the entrance into the village of Borodino, where the slope of Raevskii redoubt falls.

Borodino's church. (The cupola has a hole). [The Church of Smolensk Icon of Mother of God (Nativity of Christ)]]

View of Podporozhe

Mugan. Petropavlovskoe. Construction of the Bogau Cotton Mill

Persian Tatars. Saatly. Mugan [Steppe]

Village of Saatly. Mugan steppe

View of Lastochkino Gnezdo and the new home of Father Tiverii [Novyi Afon, monastery]

General view of monastery and seacoast from the cell of Father Tiverii. Novyi Afon

Novyi Afon [monastery]. General view

Sukhum [Sukhumi]. General view of city and bay from Cherniavskii Mountain

Sukhum [Sukhumi] from the sea

Church in Koldakhvary, eight versts from Gagra

Steam room for treatment of bamboo. Chakva

Shakh-i Zindeh mosque [i.e. necropolis], View from the northeast. Samarkand

Study in Shakh-i Zindeh mosque [i.e. necropolis]. Samarkand

General view of Shakh-i Zindeh mosque [i.e. necropolis], from the northwest. Samarkand

Main entrance into Shakh-i Zindeh mosque [i.e. necropolis]. Samarkand

[Phanagoria terracotta vessels] in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg

Petrozavodsk. General view from (Olonets) railroad.

Petrozavodsk. General view from (Olonets) railroad.

[Left] bank of the Belaia River across from Ufa

Chapel with stone cross from the time of Peter the Great. Lodeinoe Pole.

Railroad post on the Murmansk railway [near the Petrozavodsk]

Guardhouse. [Onega Canal near Megrskoe Lake]

Entrance into [Assumption] Monastery. [City of Aleksandrov.]

On the Iset River. [Three Caves Rock near Kamenskii Zavod].

The village [of Brod] near the tanning factory on the Iset River

Tanning factory with a settlement on the Iset River [The village of Brod]

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