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[Village of Shueretskoe (Shuya) near town of Kem]

‘Torzhok, view from the east’

‘Zubtsov. Vazuza side [of the city] with the Vazuza River, flowing into the Volga River’

[Trinity Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Monastery, Belgorod]

‘Piatnitskaia church. Taken from Asumption monastery’ [Staritsa]

[Tver. View from the right bank of Volga]

General view of the city of Tver' from the south

Prince Dmitrii's side [of the city with Okovetskaia church. Rzhev]

‘Rzhev. Prince Dimitri side. Church of the Transfigured [Savior] (most ancient. Existed even before Tatar invasion)’

‘Resurrection Monastery for women from south bank of Tvertsa river. Torzhok’

[Tver. Left bank of Volga with Catherine church]

[Torzhok from the south. Bank of Tvertsa river]

Torzhok. [Church of Michael the Archangel]

[Tver. View on the left bank of Volga with Church of the Resurrection (of the Three Confessors)]

[View of Tver with bridge across Volga]

‘Ostashkov. General view‘ [from Voronii island]

Trinity Cathedral [in the town of Ostashkov]

[Assumption Monastery, Staritsa]

[Staritsa, view from the site of an old town]

[City of Torzhok from south. Tvertsa river]

[Znamenskii Monastery in Ostashkov]

[Tver. Church of St. Nikolas in Kapustniki]

[Church of Our Saviour's Holy Face of Clement parish in Novaya Ladoga]

[Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, Zubtsov]

Vazhinka River and the village Vazhino [Epiphany church in the village of Ust-Boiarskaya]

‘Zheltikov Assumption Monastery for men in 4 versts from Tver’

[St. Nikolas church in Lavrovo village]

Old church of the Tikhvin Mother of God on the right bank of the Tvertsa [River]. [Torzhok]

View of Suzdal along the Kamenka River

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