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‘Belltower of Ipatiev Monastery’ [Kostroma]

[Religious candlestick (1650) in Tver' museum]

Study. (View) of Zlatoust through the trees from the Butylovskaia Mountain

‘Holy Mother of God Church. Village of Gorodnia (35 verst from Tver')’

’Same church [Holy Mother of God Church in the village of Gorodnia] from the other side. The oldest church in the province’

‘Driveway of Yasnaya Polyana’ [Lev Tolstoy estate]

Village of Uslanka on the Svir River [Church of Sts. Zosima and Savvatii of Solovki]

‘Village of Uslanka on the Svir River’ [Church of Sts. Zosima and Savvatii of Solovki]

[Hotel of A. G. Barskov (formerly of Fedukhin-Pozharskii) in Torzhok]

Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb, view from the south-east [Riazan]

[View from the bell tower of the Trinity cathedral (of the Trinity Monastery) on Cathedral Square in Belgorod, during the celebration of the canonization of Ioasaf of Belgorod, September 4, 1911]

[Village of Shueretskoe (Shuya) near town of Kem]

‘Torzhok, view from the east’

‘Zubtsov. Vazuza side [of the city] with the Vazuza River, flowing into the Volga River’

[Trinity Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Monastery, Belgorod]

‘Piatnitskaia church. Taken from Asumption monastery’ [Staritsa]

[Tver. View from the right bank of Volga]

General view of the city of Tver' from the south

Prince Dmitrii's side [of the city with Okovetskaia church. Rzhev]

‘Rzhev. Prince Dimitri side. Church of the Transfigured [Savior] (most ancient. Existed even before Tatar invasion)’

‘Resurrection Monastery for women from south bank of Tvertsa river. Torzhok’

[Tver. Left bank of Volga with Catherine church]

[Torzhok from the south. Bank of Tvertsa river]

Torzhok. [Church of Michael the Archangel]

[Tver. View on the left bank of Volga with Church of the Resurrection (of the Three Confessors)]

[View of Tver with bridge across Volga]

‘Ostashkov. General view‘ [from Voronii island]

Trinity Cathedral [in the town of Ostashkov]

[Assumption Monastery, Staritsa]

[Staritsa, view from the site of an old town]

[City of Torzhok from south. Tvertsa river]

[Znamenskii Monastery in Ostashkov]

[Tver. Church of St. Nikolas in Kapustniki]

[Church of Our Saviour's Holy Face of Clement parish in Novaya Ladoga]

[Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, Zubtsov]

Vazhinka River and the village Vazhino [Epiphany church in the village of Ust-Boiarskaya]

‘Zheltikov Assumption Monastery for men in 4 versts from Tver’

[St. Nikolas church in Lavrovo village]

Old church of the Tikhvin Mother of God on the right bank of the Tvertsa [River]. [Torzhok]

View of Suzdal along the Kamenka River

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