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Tillia-Kari from Uluk-Bek. Samarkand

Ekaterinburg. A pond in the Kharitonov garden

Ekaterinburg. Entrance into the Tikhvinskii Monastery for women

Kharitonov's House in the city of Ekaterinburg

Verkh-Isetskii factory near the city of Ekaterinburg

Olenii Rock. [Chusovaia River]

Obukhovskie mineral springs (sulfurous and ferrous) seven versts from the city of Kamyshlov

Decorations in Assumption Cathedral in Goritskii Monastery. Near Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Church of Dimitrii on the Blood and the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. [Uglich]

Kremlin from the northwest. Rostov Velikii

By the pond. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Seacoast at Gagra

Seacoast at Gagra

View of Gagry from the highway

Peasant apiary near Gagry

Gagry from the road to Adler

General view of Novye Gagry

General view of the ruins of [the temple of 10th century and] the castle near the Bzyb River. From the highway. [Village of Akvara]

Fig (fig tree). In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Bamboo. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Bananas. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Rice. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Pinus Excelsa. Chamaerops excelsus (windmill palm) in Sukhum Botanical Garden

Caucasus. On Yutsa [mountain] (near Pyatigorsk)

Crimea. Between Livadiya and Oreanda

Crimea. Oreanda. Corner of the palace

Crimea. Oreanda. The ruins of the palace

Crimea. Near Ai-Todor. Vineyards in the estate of Grand Prince

Crimea. The inner gates of Bakhchisaray Palace

Crimea. The inner facade of Bakhchisaray Palace

Crimea. The entrance to Bakhchisaray Palace



‘Crimean field poppies’

In Crimea

Yalta. The palace of the Bukhara Emir

Crimea. Yalta from pier

Crimea. Gurzuf. The Noch (Night) Fountain

St. Petersburg. Zimnyaya Kanavka canal

St. Petersburg. At Moyka river

St. Petersburg. Church of the Resurrection

St. Petersburg. Church of the Resurrection

St. Petersburg. Novaya Gollandiya block from the side of Moyka river

Sunset at the sea

Shaitan Rock, the boets. [Chusovaia River]

Spur of Shaitan Rock. Study. [Chusovaia River]

Shaitan Rock. General view from the village of Novaia Derevnia. [Chusovaia River]

In the monastery garden

In the monastery garden

Church of the Resurrection on the Blood. Saint Petersburg

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