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Village of Vodolazy, five versts from the village of Kolchedan

City of Dalmatov. View of the Iset River from the monastery's bell tower

Assumption Cathedral in the Dalmatov Monastery

Cathedral in the city of Shadrinsk (150 years)

Venerable Dalmat's hauberk and helmet. [Dalmatovo]

Assumption Cathedral in the Dalmatov Monastery

View of the Dalmatov Monastery from the Iset River

City of Dalmatov. View of the western section from the monastery's bell tower

Hut in the forest, for woodcutters and kuria (coal burning). [Chusovaia River]

Village of Kolchedan

Forest. [Near the town of Kyshtym]

Molding of an artistic casting. [Kasli Iron Works]

City of Yekaterinburg. Central part with the pond

Life-Giving Source Skete [Aktay Skete] at the Verkhturskii Monastery. [Near Verkhoturye]

Church of Our Protectress and [Intercession] monastery for women. [Verkhoture]

Entrance into the monastery's Nikolskii Cathedral [Church of Verkhoturskii Monastery, Verkhoturye]

Sepulchre with relics of Venerable Simeon Verkhoturskii [in St. Nikolas church of St. Nikolas Monastery, Verkhoturye]

Perm. Headquarters of the Ural Railway Administration

Trinity Cathedral in Verkhoturye

Perm. Summertime location of the exchange

View of Kamenskii Cast Iron Smelting Factory

Khrustalnaia Station on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

Kamenskii factory with workers' housing

City of Yekaterinburg. Pond embankment

On the Iset River. [Three Caves Rock near Kamenskii Zavod].

The village [of Brod] near the tanning factory on the Iset River

Tanning factory with a settlement on the Iset River [The village of Brod]

[Tokorevskii] Cliff near the village of Tokorevka

[Tokorevskii] Cliff near the village of Tokorevka

On the Iset River. [Filin Rock near Kamenskii Zavod].

Shaitanskii factory owned by Count Stenbock-Fermor. Chusovaia River

On the Iset River [near Chirov ravine].

Part of Grebeshki Rock. [Chusovaia River]

Sibirskii Rock. Chusovaia River

Chapel on Georgievskii Rock. (The chapel is called Georgievskaia). [Chusovaia River]

Food warehouse of Kusvinsky [i. e. Kusie-Aleksandrovsky] plant

Night camp by a rock on the bank of the Chusovaia

[Visyachii Rock. Chusovaia River]

Group of children. ​​[Nizhny Tagil]

View of the central part of the village of Nyrob from the southwest

City of Cherdyn

Monastery for women in Cherdyn (the oldest church in the region) [Cathedral of St. John the Theologian]

White fox. Stuffed animals from the collection of N.P. Alin in Cherdyn

‘Upper Georgievskii Rock’. [Chusovaia River]

‘Upper Georgievskii Rock and a general view of the settlement of Utka’. [Chusovaia River]

‘Chasovoy Rock’. [Chusovaia River]

[Razgulyaevskii (?) cut and the] rock at the confluence of the Iset and Kamenka Rivers

[The rock] near the confluence of the Iset and Kamenka Rivers. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

‘City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the central part’

[Plaque commemorating foundation of Yekaterinburg]

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