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‘Uspenskii Mountain. Dagomys’

[Village of Kobona. The floodgate on Kobonka river]

[Village of Kobona]

[Candleabra, boxes, and a carved animal sculpture. Tver museum]

[Church in village of Ilemselga]

[Village of Ilemselga]

[Village of Lizhma]

[Church in the village of Lizhma]

[Church in the village of Lizhma]

[Local college in Kyappeselga]

Fence with a cellar for storage of dynamite and warden's hut ​​[Demidov iron mine, Vysokaya (Magnit) Mount]

[Holy Gate of Solovetsky Monastery]

[Electric station, Transfiguration Cathedral and Filippovskaya Church. Solovetsky Monastery]

[Tsar's bell tower. Solovetsky Monastery]

[Korozhnaya tower of Solovetsky Monastery and Church of Icon of Our Lady Ease My Sorrows]

Winter on the Saimaa Canal [Lauritsala, Finland]

[Entrance of Gur-Emir mausoleum. Samarkand]

‘Storehouse of mineral waters. Borzhom’ [other side of the building]

[Borzhom. Storehouse of mineral waters and] ‘Lumber mill on Chernaia River’

[Tomb of Hieromonk Avraamiy (Palitsyn) near the wall of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Solovetsky monastery]

[View of Solovetsky Monastery from the bay]

Borzhom. Sawmill and glass factory and packing department of mineral waters’

‘Inside the ruins of Timotis-Ubanskii Monastery’ [The frescoes of the temple of the Assumption (XII c.)]

‘Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara’

[View on Polustova Mount, Zubtsov]

‘Gin (engine) workshop of cotton-processing manufacture’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Gin (engine) workshop of cotton-processing manufacture’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Cotton rolling machines’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Cotton rolling machines’ [Bairam-Ali]

‘Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara’

[Village of Vkhodoierusalimskaya Sloboda from the village of Gorki. Uglich]

[View from the Mount Sekirnaya on Savvatiy Skit (Hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

[Church of the Ascension on the Mount Sekirnaya. Ascension Skit (Hermitage) of Solovetsky Monastery]

‘Mosque near Urgan-serai’ [Mosque Madari Khan Lyab-i Rud. Bukhara]

[Girvas waterfall]

[Por-Porog waterfall]

Suna River at the [Por-Porog] waterfall

Fly agaric (‘Among the moss’) [Finland]

[Rock on the Tiazhelyi iron mine, Irkuskan hill]

’Eastern part of Tiflis on the slopes of the Botanicheskaia Mountain’

[Detail of the Por-Porog waterfall]

Sawmill [in the village of Beloomut]

Machine department [of power plant near the village of Beloomut]

Barracks of the Ministry of Communication and Transportation [near the village of Beloomut]

‘Calm’ (‘Autumn on the river Ocelets’) [Kursk Province. near Putivl]

[Mendeleev's study in St. Petersburg]

S.A. Tolstoi in the garden [in the lower park]. In Iasnaia Poliana

In Yasnaya Polyana. ’General view on the Estate’ [of L. N. Tolstoy]

Ruins of [Byzantine church of XI-XIV centuries] on the estate of Count Sheremetev [Loo village]

[In gold embroidery workshops (Torzhok)]

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