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Entrance to the grounds of Leushinskii Monastery for women

Trinity Cathedral in the Leushinskii Monastery

Church at an almshouse. [Leushinskii Monastery]

Church of John the Precursor. [Leushinskii monastery]

Residence for the sisters of the Leushinskii Monastery

Residence of the Mother Superior. [Leushinskii Monastery]

Leushinskii women's school. [Leushinskii monastery]

Altar image in the Church of John the Theologian. [Leushinskii Monastery]

Mother Superior Taisiia on the veranda. [Leushinskii Monastery]

Village of Kargulino. [Trinity] Church

In the monastery's garden. Novyi Afon

Novyi Afon [monastery]. View from the south

Yucca in bloom. Novyi Afon [monastery]

View from the [west]. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Novyi Afon. View from the Iver Mountain

View from the bell tower of Spaso-Borodinskii Monastery in Borodino, where Marshal Ney attacked Bagration's flanks. Borodino [Battlefield]

Feodorov Gorodetskii Monastery. [Church of Alexander Nevsky]

[Cathedral of the Fedorov Mother of God] in Gorodetskii Monastery

City of Krasnyi. General view from the east. The Svinaia River, forty-nine versts from Smolensk

City of Krasnyi. General view from the south

General view of the place where the monument to the War of 1812 is located, near the city of Krasnyi

Monument to the War of 1812 near the city of Krasnyi

Gong and boards with records of visits to the chapel in the village of Petrovskoe

General view of the city of Kirillov from the bell tower of the Kazan Cathedral

Museum. Iona's room. Rostov Velikii

Skeleton of large-horned stag in the museum of the city of Ekaterinburg

Patriarch Iova's sakkos [bishop's robe]. [Staritsa Assumption Monastery]

Plashchanitsa [shroud with image of Christ], embroidered by Anastasiia Romanova (Iureva Zakhareva, first wife of Ivan the Terrible, 1547) in 1543, and Patriarch Iov's epigonation. [Staritsa Assumption Monastery]

Some articles from the Staritsa Monastery sacristy: Saint Dionysius' mitre, Saint Dionysius' censer and cross. Patriarch Iov's cross

Iconstasis in the Assumption Cathedral (800 years) in Staritsa Monastery

Resting place of Patriarch Iov, Staritsa Assumption Monastery

Repair shop of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation] in Deviatiny. [Vytegra River]

Mosaics on walls in Old Bukhara. [Mir-i Arab Madrasa]

Shaitanskii factory, ceasing operations in 1905. Chusovaia River

Mirza-Uluk-Bek. Registan. Samarkand

Excavation near Iurezan Bridge

Ice breakers on the Iurezan River. [Ust-Katav]

Factory pond and Nikolskaia Mountain. Ust-Katavskii Zavod. At the top of the mountain, a chapel in honor of the holy coronation of the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II

View from Mogilnaia Mountain. Medvezhia Mountain in the distance. [Ust-Katav]

General view of the Ust-Katavskii Zavod

Railroad curve near Ust-Katav

[Bottling department of] mineral water. Borzhom

Kaulin factory on the Tmaka River. [Tver]

Policeman in Samarkand

View of the [Solovetskii] monastery from the inn

Kovzhskaia dam

View of Lake Nero from the bell tower of the Church of All Saints. Rostov Velikii

Perm. Mary Magdalene Church

City of Perm. General view

View of the city of Perm from the railroad bridge across Kama

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