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Asha-Balashovskii Iron Works

General view of Suzdal from the bell tower of the Rizpolozhenskii Monastery from the west

Sepulchre of the Saintly Evfrosiniia. The Venerable Monastery. [Suzdal]

Entrance gate to the Trinity Church of the Venerable Monastery. [Suzdal]

Surplice sewn by tsarevnas, the sisters of Peter the Great. [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Surplice sewn by tsarevnas, the sisters of Peter the Great. [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Crosses. A gift from Fedor, Kirill and Nataliia Naryshkin. [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Censers. Gift from Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich to Trinity [Assumption] Monastery, [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Personal possessions of Tsarevna Margarita. [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Sacramental vessels. A gift from Tsarevna Mariia Alekseevna. [Assumption Monastery, Aleksandrov]

Church of the Protection of the Mother of God, built by Tsar Vasilii Ioannovich in the Monastery. [Aleksandrov]

Rafailovo Assumption women's community in Ialutorovsk district in Isetsk volost

General view of the city of Ialutorovsk from the north

Monument to Ermak in Tobolsk

Tatars by a campfire

General view of the wharf at Kyn

Factory in Kyn belonging to Count S.A. Stroganov (work was stopped)

Village of Soroki. General view

General view of the city and Vytegra River

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

[Cathedral of the Resurrection] in Vytegra

City of Yekaterinburg. General view of the southern part

View of Svetlitsa [village] from the west. The Archangel Michael Church. [Lake Seliger]

View of the bay (near the village of Soroki)

View of the city of Vytegra from a hill

(New) sepulchre with the relics of the Saint Mikhail, Prince of Tver, in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Tver

General view of Nil's Hermitage from the village of Peski [Lake Seliger]

Voznesene road

Onezhskii Canal near Voznesene

View of Voznesene

Railroad dam in the Soroka inlet

Khalynka River, flowing into the Volga River. City of Rzhev

View of Krokhino from Empress Maria Fedorovna dam

Dam and mill on Prince Fedor's side [of Rzhev]

Saint Paul dam in Deviatiny

Same bridge from the side [Railroad bridge over the Lososinka River, Petrozavodsk]

Approach to the railroad bridge over the Lososinka River near the Petrozavodsk Station on the Murmansk railway

Viazma. Old Church of the Holy Mother of God

Pavilion near the Kivach waterfall. Suna River

Suna River before the Kivach waterfall

Cliffs on the Iset River. [Near Kamenskii Zavod].

Smolensk. Fortress wall

Materiki. Study. [Near the town of Vytegra]

Guard near a station at Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] iron ore mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Factory living quarters [Kovzhinskii sawmill. Kovzha River].

Village of Dubno. [Old Ladoga Canal]

Fire squad in the city of Vytegra

Monument dedicated to the opening of the Onezhskii Canal. [In the village of Voznesenye]

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