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Assumption of the Mother of God Church in Deviatiny (200 years old).

[Volokov draw bridge on the Vytegra River]

Chapel for water blessing, in the village of Deviatiny

Chapel and cross from the time of Peter the Great, in the village of Sumskoe

Antimens [sacramental cloth] from the time of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna kept in the city of Cherdyn Assumption Church

Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker Chapel in the Vetluga settlement [of the town of Zlatoust]

Part of a conservatory at Blizhniaia dacha. [Kyshtym]

Chapel by the road, near Zlatoust

Chapel and spring at the site where the icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker appeared. [Nyrob]

Miraculous icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker. [Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker, Nyrob]

Weapons cabinet in the Arsenal Museum of the Zlatoust plant

View of Minyar plant. Railroad bridge across the Sim River. Continuing on the right

Near the Viazovaia Station of the Samara-Zlatoust Railway, September 12, 1909

Kasli settlements with the lake

View of Kasli

View of Kasli

Near Zotovskaia Canal on the axis of the Reshotka River Canal, at the water tower of Khrustalnaia Station, on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

General view of the village of Palkino (from the south)

Village of Iskor on the way from Cherdyn to the village of Nyrob, ten versts from the village of Nyrob

Perm. Mary Magdalene Church

Lane in Kharitonov garden. [Yekaterinburg]

Iset River at the village of Bakhareva

Iset River at the village of Mekhonskoe

Village of Tersiutskoe and the Iset River

Iset River at the village of Tersiutskoe

Village of Rafailovo. [Iset River]

Iset River at the Rafailovo community

On the Tobol River at the village of Gilev. Study

Grave of Metropolitan Felofei [i.e, Filofei] in the Trinity Monastery Cathedral in Tiumen

City of Ialutorovsk

Miraculous icon brought by Venerable Dalmat. [Dalmatovo]

Near Shadrinsk, twenty-four versts. Study. A chapel commemorating the appearance of the icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker

Iset River Valley near Shadrinsk. View from Tumanov Hill

Part of the construction of the left side of the bridge (taken downriver). [Ialutorovsk]

Village of Rodina. [Chusovaia River]

Village of Kamenka. General view. [Chusovaia River]

Village of Romanovka seen from Romanovka Rock (a part of the rock is visible on the right). Photographed from the Romanovka River. [Chusovaia River]

Village of Razsolnaia. Extraction of brown iron ore. [Chusovaia River]

Village of Vilizhno on the Chusovaia River

Razsoshka River, flowing into the Chusovaia River at the village of Verkhnie Gorodki

Church of the Nativity of Christ, in the village of Verkhnie Gorodki

Peasant hut in the village of Martianova/ [Chusovaia River]

Iset River. [he village of Kamyshevka] The village of Vodolazy is in the distance

View of Rafailovo Assumption community from the banks of the Iset River

Railroad bridge under construction over the Tobol River near Ialutorovsk (taken downriver)

City of Tobolsk from the northeast. In the distance one can see the confluence of the Tobol and Irtysh Rivers

Tobolsk waterfront from the north

Museum of Tobolsk

Sawmill of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property on the left bank of the Tobol River

Tura River in the city of Tiumen, view from the southwest

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