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[Imperial road] palace in the village of Borodino. View from the side of the garden.

General view of the first church in Spaso-Borodinskii Monastery.

Koloch River from the bridge by the entrance into the village of Borodino, where the slope of Raevskii redoubt falls.

Borodino's church. (The cupola has a hole). [The Church of Smolensk Icon of Mother of God (Nativity of Christ)]]

Village of Tatarinovo, where the station for dressing wounds was located.

Borodino Station

Side view of Ferapontovskii Monastery from the north. Near Mozhaisk.

Detail of the wall in Nikolaevskii Cathedral. Mozhaisk

Mozhaisk Nikolaevskii Cathedral. A side view.

General view of the [Nikolaevskii] cathedral from southwest. Mozhaisk

General view of the Ferapontovskii Monastery near Mozhaisk.

Sawmill [in the village of Beloomut]

Machine department [of power plant near the village of Beloomut]

Barracks of the Ministry of Communication and Transportation [near the village of Beloomut]

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