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Entrance into the Staritsa Assumption Monastery

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Rampart near the Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

Entrance into Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Torzhok. Camp and barracks

Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

View of the city of Torzhok from the rampart. Visible are the churches of Saint Georgii and the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Sterzhenskii stone cross. In the Tver Museum

Sterzhenskii stone cross. In the Tver Museum

Spinning yarn. In the village of Izvedovo

View of the Volga River from the site of an old town near Staritsa

Old road toward Moscow. City of Rzhev

City of Rzhev. Prince Fedor's side [of the city]. Teterino

Staritsa. Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Assumption Church on Prince Fedor's side [in the town of Rzhev]

City of Rzhev. Nativity of Christ Cathedral

City of Staritsa. Church of Good Friday. Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker is seen in the back

Volga River near the city of Zubtsov. [View from Polustova Gora hill]

Drying of nets on Lake Kariakino

Site of the source of the Western Dvina near the village of Kariakino three versts from Lake Peno in Tver Province, Ostashkov District

Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage) of Nil's Monastery

Monks at work. Planting potatoes [in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage) of Nil's Monastery]

Pine forest [Near the village of Soblago]

Forest fire tower of the local department near the site of Bogatyr [Near the village of Soblago]

Old chapel on an island [in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage) of Nil's Monastery]

Boris-Gleb Monastery, from the bridge. [Torzhok]

Boris-Gleb Monastery, from the [north. Torzhok]

Forest road

View of the monastery from Svetlitsa [Island, Saint Nil Stolbenskii Monastery, Lake Seliger]

Drying nets on Lake Seliger [Ostashkov]

General view of the Klobukovskii Monastery for men. Kashin

Town of Kashin. Epiphany Church. Taken from the bridge at the Dmitrovskii Monastery

[Ressurection and] Assumption Cathedral[s]. Kashin. Kashinka River

Torzhok. View of the city from the north

City of Torzhok. View from the west. Tvertsa River

Clock made by Voloskov, in the Tver Museum

New Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in the Gethsemane Skete (Hermitage)

View of the monastery from Svetlitsa [Island, Saint Nil Stolbenskii Monastery, Lake Seliger]

View of the Saint Nil [Stolbenskii] Monastery from the east. [Lake Seliger]

Entrance into Nil's Monastery. [Holy Gates of Saint Nil's Monastery, Lake Seliger]

Main building of the Saint Nil Stolbenskii Monastery. [Lake Seliger]

[Volga flowing out of Lake Peno at the village of Izvedovo]

Zhitnyi Monastery for men. Ostashkov

‘Old chapel on the waterfront in the town of Ostashkov’

‘Old chapel on the street of the town of Ostashkov’

Fishing settlements on Lake Seliger [in the town of Ostashkov]

‘Zubtsov, side across the Volga’

[The city of Zubtsov. Confluence of the Vazuza and Volga Rivers]

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