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Church of the Nativity of Christ, in the village of Verkhnie Gorodki

Razguliai, outskirts of the city of Perm

Old church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker. [Nyrob]

General view of the city of Perm from Gorodskie Gorki

Staro-Sibirskaia Gate in the city of Perm

Perm. Headquarters of the Ural Railway Administration

Perm. Summertime location of the exchange

Food warehouse of Kusvinsky [i. e. Kusie-Aleksandrovsky] plant

View of the central part of the village of Nyrob from the southwest

City of Cherdyn

Monastery for women in Cherdyn (the oldest church in the region) [Cathedral of St. John the Theologian]

White fox. Stuffed animals from the collection of N.P. Alin in Cherdyn

‘Railway bridge across the Kama River near the city of Perm’

‘Steam engine "Kompaund" with a Schmidt super-heater’ [at the depot in Perm]

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