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Hut of settler Artemii, nicknamed Kota, who has lived at this place more than 40 years

Windmill. [Near Cherepovets].

Dredger Mariinskaia no. 5

Fisherman on the Iset River [Near Kamensky Zavod]

Borough of Doplik on the Belaia River [Arkhiereiskaia suburb in the city of Ufa]

At harvest time

At harvest time

Mechanical shops for the finishing of artistic castings. [Kasli Iron Works]

Church of Our Savior and the Protection of the Mother of God. Vytegorskii Pogost. [The village of Ankhimovo]

Haying, near rest time. [Near Cherepovets].

Peasant woman breaking flax. Perm Province

Old church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker. [Nyrob]

View from the balcony of Blizhniaia dacha near Kyshtym

General view of the northwestern part of Smolensk

City of Yekaterinburg

City of Yekaterinburg. Observatory on Pleshivaya hill

Corner tower of the Golutvinskii Monastery. [Kolomna]

Smolensk. Church of Saints Peter and Paul, twelfth century

View of the Dnieper [River] from Veselukha Tower. Smolensk

Mother of God Church. Smolensk

Avraamievskii Monastery. Smolensk

Northeastern part of the city of Smolensk with the fortress wall

General view of the city of Perm from Gorodskie Gorki

Staro-Sibirskaia Gate in the city of Perm

Rosa Gustav Grunewald. Hybrid tea rose [at dacha of Professor E. V. Pavlov in the village of Uch-Dere, near Dagomys]

Home of Nikolai Savvich Abaza on his former estate Nidzhi [Loo village]

Haying. [Near Cherepovets].

View of a farm. Dagomys. Administration building

By the village fence. [In Luga district]

Near the village of Iustilia [i.e. Juustila], on the Saimaa Canal

Finnish coast [Metsakyla]

Sea in the vicinity of Metsakula

Finnish coast (Metsakyla)

September morning on Kaukjarvi Lake

View of Vyborg from Papula hill

Winter sunset from Papula hill. [Vyborg]


Vyborg castle. Finland

Vyborg. Monrepos. Sepulchre, [View of island-necropolis and Ludwigstain (Ludwigsburg) chapel].

Finland, Juustila. In September

Finland, Juustila. On the Saimaa canal

Finland, Raivolo, on Chernaia River

General view of Sochi from the battery in the east

Georgian - tomato trader

Aurocaria [i.e. Araucaria]. In Tsar's Park, Dagomys

Sochi River

Dairy in Dagomys

View of the city of Kineshma from the east

View of Yekaterinburg from the house of the Chief of the Gornyi District

Bridge over Ekaterininskoe inlet in Shlisselburg

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