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Cliffs on the Iset River. [Near Kamenskii Zavod].

Smolensk. Fortress wall

Materiki. Study. [Near the town of Vytegra]

Guard near a station at Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Zakamenskii [Zakamennyi] iron ore mine site. [Near Kamenskii Zavod]

Factory living quarters [Kovzhinskii sawmill. Kovzha River].

Village of Dubno. [Old Ladoga Canal]

Fire squad in the city of Vytegra

Monument dedicated to the opening of the Onezhskii Canal. [In the village of Voznesenye]

Haying at the [Leushinskii] Monastery

Crew of the steamship "Sheksna" of the M.P.S. [Ministry of Communication and Transportation. In the town of Vytegra]

Village of Leushino

Assumption of the Mother of God Church in Deviatiny (200 years old).

[Volokov draw bridge on the Vytegra River]

Chapel for water blessing, in the village of Deviatiny

Chapel and cross from the time of Peter the Great, in the village of Sumskoe

Harvested field. [Vitebsk Province]

Pulpit in Nikolaevskii Cathedral, dating back to the time when it was a Polish Roman Catholic church. Polotsk

Spaso-Evfrosinevskii Monastery for women, three versts from the city of Polotsk. View from the south

Polotsk. View from northeast

Polotsk. General view of the northwestern part. In the distance Spaso-Evfrosinevskii Monastery

Western Dvina near the city of Drissa

Drissa River. Confluence with the Western Dvina. [Drissa]

Drissa. General view from the northeast

Railroad bridge across the Western Dvina River near Dvinsk

Dvinsk. General view of the embankment of the Western Dvina River

Dvinsk. View from southwest from the bell tower of a military cathedral

Mugan. Church in the settlement of Petropavlovskoe

Mugan. Settlement of Petropavlovskoe. A street (seventy-seven households)

Mugan. Hut of a settler from Kharkov Province. Grafovka [Grafskii]

Bamboo workshop. Chakva

Chapel in the settlement of Spassky. Golodnaia Steppe

Camel caravan carrying thorns for fodder. Golodnaia Steppe

Chapel [i.e. mazar] on Chapan-Ata Mountain, five versts from Samarkand

Portion of the left minaret. Bibi-Khanym. Samarkand

Antimens [sacramental cloth] from the time of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna kept in the city of Cherdyn Assumption Church

Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker Chapel in the Vetluga settlement [of the town of Zlatoust]

Part of a conservatory at Blizhniaia dacha. [Kyshtym]

Chapel by the road, near Zlatoust

Chapel and spring at the site where the icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker appeared. [Nyrob]

Miraculous icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker. [Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker, Nyrob]

Weapons cabinet in the Arsenal Museum of the Zlatoust plant

View of Minyar plant. Railroad bridge across the Sim River. Continuing on the right

Near the Viazovaia Station of the Samara-Zlatoust Railway, September 12, 1909

Kasli settlements with the lake

View of Kasli

View of Kasli

Near Zotovskaia Canal on the axis of the Reshotka River Canal, at the water tower of Khrustalnaia Station, on the Perm-Kungur Railroad

General view of the village of Palkino (from the south)

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