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Rafts stopping for the night near the city of Staritsa

City of Staritsa. Across the Volga River. Exaltation of the Cross Church

View of Svetlitsa [Island]. The Archangel Michael Church. [Lake Seliger]

Cathedral of the Transfiguration under construction. [Volgoverkhove Monastery for women, Volgoverkhove]

Volgoverkhove Monastery for women. Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord under construction. The wooden Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker [dedicated] to the memory of 17 October

Source of the Volga River

Gates on the southern side the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, in the city of Tver]

Entrance into the Staritsa Assumption Monastery

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Rampart near the Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

Entrance into Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Torzhok. Camp and barracks

Boris-Gleb Monastery. [Torzhok]

View of the city of Torzhok from the rampart. Visible are the churches of Saint Georgii and the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God

Boris-Gleb Monastery for men. [Torzhok]

Rainbow [on Pyshma River]

View of the Kliazma River and water-meadows from the west. [Vladimir]

On the Sim River near the Asha-Balashovskii Station

City of Vladimir. View from Pushkin Boulevard, from the east

Southwestern part of the city of Vladimir, from Pushkin Boulevard

Assumption Cathedral. City of Vladimir

Smolensk. Assumption Cathedral from the east

General site of the city of Vladimir along the Kliazma

City of Vladimir, on the Kliazma. View from the Assumption Cathedral from the southwest

View of the railroad, city of Vladimir, Kliazma River, and water-meadows

Entrance into the Feodor Stratilat Monastery. Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Municipal bridge near the Kivach waterfall. [Suna River]

Sterzhenskii stone cross. In the Tver Museum

Sterzhenskii stone cross. In the Tver Museum

View of Zlatoust from the west

Driving piles and grooves for the dam's sill. [Kuzminskoe]

Lock's iron-concrete walls. [Kuzminskoe]

Storehouse for cement. [Kuzminskoe]

Construction of the lock. [Kuzminskoe]

Construction of the dam. [Kuzminskoe]

Abutment for the dam, and house, belonging to the government. [Kuzminskoe]

Log sawing [Kuzminskoe]

Village of Vodolazy, five versts from the village of Kolchedan

Mills (in Ialutorovsk district of Tobolsk Province)

Soon-to-be-finished portion of the lock. [Kuzminskoe]

Water pumps. [Kuzminskoe]

Guardhouse near the village of Bugry

View of the [Kovzhinskii] sawmill. Kovzha [River].

Right bank of the Onega Canal. [Near Megrskoe Lake]

Well on Olga [i.e. Maurova] hill [Near Goritskii Monastery]

City of Kirillov. View from Maura hill

Chapel [of Cyril of Belozersk] on Olga [i.e. Maurova] hill [Near Goritskii Monastery]

[His Highness Khan of Khiva in Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg]

City of Lodeinoe Pole. Monument to Emperor Peter the Great

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