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Right bank of the Irtysh at the city of Tobolsk from the southeast

View of the city of Tobolsk from the north, from the bell tower of the Church of the Transfiguration

Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker, in Tobolsk (350 years old)

View of the Volga River from the site of an old town near Staritsa

Old road toward Moscow. City of Rzhev

City of Rzhev. Prince Fedor's side [of the city]. Teterino

Staritsa. Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Assumption Church on Prince Fedor's side [in the town of Rzhev]

City of Rzhev. Nativity of Christ Cathedral

City of Staritsa. Church of Good Friday. Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker is seen in the back

Rampart and part of a fence of Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk

Church [of John the Precursor] in Vetluga settlement [of the town of Zlatoust]

Feodor Stratilat Monastery from the west. Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Sochi and seacoast

Spring motif [Obla River near the town of Luga]

[Poster showing scientific illustrations of butterfly specimens. Taken in Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg]

Baling machine for hay, [Near Kondopoga village]

City of Ples. General view

Zarechye, suburb of the city of Ples.

Ples. View of the ancient settlement with its main cathedral

Moon. [Near the village of Dagomys]

Flat-bottomed canal boat. [Belozersk canal, sluice "Security" near Chaika warf].

Type of old sluice gates. Belozerskii canal. [Old sluice "Security" near Chaika warf]

General view of the Bashkir village of Ekhia [i.e. Yakhia]

Bashkir's yard. [In the village of Yakhia]

Mosque in the Bashkir village of Ekh'ia [i.e. Yakhia]

Street in a Bashkir village [of Yakhia]

Bashkir's house. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir kitchen garden. [In the village of Yakhia]

Young Bashkir. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir dog. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir near his house. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir woman in a folk costume. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir switchman [near Ust-Katav station]

Bashkir switchman [near Ust-Katav station]

Cliffs on the Iurezan River near Ust-Katav

On the road. [Near Simskaya staton]

Three generations. A.P. Kalganov with son and granddaughter. The last two work in the shops of the Zlatoust plant

Joining shop for the production of scabbards at the Zlatoust plant

Forest. [Near the town of Kyshtym]

Molding of an artistic casting. [Kasli Iron Works]

Curve in the railway at the Viazovaia Station

Method for storing hay. Viazovaia Station

View of the Solovetskii Monastery from land. [Solovetski Islands]

Lumber cutting in the mountains. [On the way from Iurezanskii Zavod to Katav-Ivanovskii Zavod]

Empress Maria Feodorovna dam. [In the village of Krokhino]

Church of the Nativity of Christ, in Krokhino

Chapel on the site where the city of Belozersk was founded in ancient times. [Near the village of Krokhino]

Lane from [Empress Maria Feodorovna] dam to the storage shed. [In the village of Krokhino]

Peasants haying. [Near the village of Krokhino]

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