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Spinning yarn. In the village of Izvedovo

Panagias [enkolpia]. In the vestry of the Ipatevskii Monastery. Kostroma

Nomadic Kirghiz [i.e, Kazakh]. Golodnaia Steppe

Nazar Magomet. Golodnaia Steppe

Melon vendor. Samarkand

Fabric merchant. Samarkand

Bayga. Samarkand

Stork (scene in Bukhara)

Group of Jewish children with a teacher. Samarkand

Sart types. Samarkand

Sart fields. Samarkand

Miraculous icon of Mother of God-Odigitria in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. [Smolensk]

View of Tiflis’ [from Botanic mountain]

Mugan. Settler's family. Settlement of Grafovka [Grafskii]

View of the city of Tobolsk from Assumption Cathedral from the northwest

Portion of Shir-Dar minaret and its dome from Tillia-Kari. Samarkand

Elderly Sart man (Babaika), Samarkand

Sart woman. Samarkand

Village of Kolchedan

Right bank of the Irtysh at the city of Tobolsk from the southeast

View of the city of Tobolsk from the north, from the bell tower of the Church of the Transfiguration

Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker, in Tobolsk (350 years old)

View of the Volga River from the site of an old town near Staritsa

Old road toward Moscow. City of Rzhev

City of Rzhev. Prince Fedor's side [of the city]. Teterino

Staritsa. Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Assumption Church on Prince Fedor's side [in the town of Rzhev]

City of Rzhev. Nativity of Christ Cathedral

City of Staritsa. Church of Good Friday. Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker is seen in the back

Rampart and part of a fence of Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk

Church [of John the Precursor] in Vetluga settlement [of the town of Zlatoust]

Feodor Stratilat Monastery from the west. Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii

Bzyb River

Cherniavskii Mountain, from the east. Sukhum

In the yard of Olofsborg castle in Nyslott [Savonlinna, Finland]

Sochi and seacoast

Spring motif [Obla River near the town of Luga]

[Poster showing scientific illustrations of butterfly specimens. Taken in Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg]

Baling machine for hay, [Near Kondopoga village]

City of Ples. General view

Zarechye, suburb of the city of Ples.

Ples. View of the ancient settlement with its main cathedral

Moon. [Near the village of Dagomys]

Flat-bottomed canal boat. [Belozersk canal, sluice "Security" near Chaika warf].

Type of old sluice gates. Belozerskii canal. [Old sluice "Security" near Chaika warf]

Georgian women [i.e. woman]. [In the park of Borzhom?]

Monastery ponds. Novyi Afon [monastery]

Cotton. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Group of workers harvesting tea. Greek women. [Chakva]

Tea factory in Chakva. Chinese foreman Lau-Dzhen-Dzhau

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