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The beginning of the 20th century was marked by amazing scientific discoveries and inventions, many of which were decades ahead of their time. Among them was color photography utilizing the method of color separation, technically very complex, but yielding images of remarkably high quality.

In 1903, one of the pioneers of this method and the first color photographer in Russia was Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky (1863-1944), a representative of an ancient noble family from the Vladimir region.

This man has devoted all his scientific talent and tireless, enthusiastic energy of the to one ambitious target: capturing "in natural colors" the full extent and richness of a great country called the Russian Empire. Having the support of the Tsar himself for his undertaking, Prokudin-Gorsky made the odyssey of thousands of miles to photograph in color the ancient temples and monuments, bridges and factories, views of distant towns and villages, majestic mountains and vast deserts, the faces and life of infinitely diverse native peoples...

The purpose of this site is to research and promote the legacy of S.M. Prokudin-Gorsky.


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Example of mosaics on the walls in [the Emir's bedroom in his country palace Shir-Budun near Bukhara]
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In Little Russia [near Putivl in Kursk Province]
Photo project “After Prokudin-Gorsky’s trail: 100 years later”

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Village of Paltoga