City views

View toward Samarkand from Shakh-i Zindeh m[osque]

Tatar cemetery across from the botanical garden. Tiflis

Metekhskii castle. [Tiflis]

Kharitonov's House in the city of Ekaterinburg

St. Petersburg. Zimnyaya Kanavka canal

St. Petersburg. At Moyka river

St. Petersburg. Novaya Gollandiya block from the side of Moyka river

Church of the Resurrection on the Blood. Saint Petersburg

Sevastopol. Boulevard

Sart house. Samarkand

Sart house. On the outskirts of Samarkand

On the Registan. Samarkand

Street in old Samarkand

Fire squad in the city of Vytegra

Sart house. Samarkand

Smolensk. Church of Saints Peter and Paul, twelfth century

Mother of God Church. Smolensk

Avraamievskii Monastery. Smolensk

Staro-Sibirskaia Gate in the city of Perm


Castle in Nyslott [Savonlinna], Finland

Stork (scene in Bukhara)

Sart fields. Samarkand

In the yard of Olofsborg castle in Nyslott [Savonlinna, Finland]

In the courtyard of a Sart home. [Samarkand]

Minsk. [Peter and Paul] Cathedral

Sentry at the palace, and old cannons [in Registan square]. Bukhara

Perm. Summertime location of the exchange

Uglich. Petrovskaia Street and the Assumption [i.e. Epiphany] Monastery for women


Smolensk. Nikolskii gates

Zhitnyi Monastery for men. Ostashkov

‘Old chapel on the waterfront in the town of Ostashkov’

‘Old chapel on the street of the town of Ostashkov’

Fishing settlements on Lake Seliger [in the town of Ostashkov]

Vershiny borough near the city of Tobolsk [i.e. Vershiny suburb of the city of Tobolsk]

Vershiny borough near the city of Tobolsk [i.e. Vershiny suburb of the city of Tobolsk]

On Saimaa lake [Study with a boat. Nyslott, Finland]

On Saimaa lake [View in Badhuspark of the city of Nyslott, Finland]

At the sea shore. [Batum]

[City of Artvin. Turkish houses]

Duan-Beggi Medrese [Khanqah] (in Labikhauz). Bukhara

‘Typical pylon of madrasah of the town of Bukhara’ [Madrasah Nadir-Dewan-Beggi]

‘Part of the city and wharf of boats’ [Nyslott, Finland]

Sunset [Nyslott, Finland]

‘Mosque near Urgan-serai’ [Mosque Madari Khan Lyab-i Rud. Bukhara]

’Eastern part of Tiflis on the slopes of the Botanicheskaia Mountain’

[View on Garda Lake in the town of Malcesine, Italy]

Group of children [in Belozersk]

Bukhara. Qazi Nuraddin mosque (?)

‘Bakery in the town of Bukhara’

[Lugano, Switzerland. View of San-Salvatore mountain]

[Tver'. View of Volga from bridge up the river]

[Town of Villach on Drava river. Austrian Alps]

[Baku. City Club]

[Drava River in the town of Villach, Austrian Alps]

[Street in Bukhara, leading to Char-Minar mosque]

‘Big minar in old Bukhara’ [Minaret Kalan]

[Embankment in town of Villefranche-sur-Mer near Nice, France]

[Znamenskii Monastery in Ostashkov]

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