Elder Makarii by his cell. [Verkhoture]

Father Superior Ksenofont, the abbott of the Verkhoturskii Monastery. [Verkhoture]

Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara

Portrait of Venerable Isaak. [Dalmatovo]

Portrait of Venerable Dalmat. [Dalmatovo]

Mother Superior Taisiia on the veranda. [Leushinskii Monastery]

Andrei Petrov Kalganov. Former master in the plant. Seventy-two years old, has worked at the plant for fifty-five years. He was fortunate to present bread and salt to His Imperial Majesty, the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas II. [Zlatoust]

‘Prime Minister of Bukhara (Kush-Beggi)’

Aurocaria [i.e. Araucaria]. In Tsar's Park, Dagomys

[His Highness Khan of Khiva in Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg]

Interpreter and guide for the Imperial Russian Geographic Society in 1907 [Samarkand Province]

Nazar Magomet. Golodnaia Steppe

Cotton. In Sukhum Botanical Garden

Tea factory in Chakva. Chinese foreman Lau-Dzhen-Dzhau

Three generations. A.P. Kalganov with son and granddaughter. The last two work in the shops of the Zlatoust plant

L.N. Tolstoi. In Iasnaia Poliana

Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara

Bukhara bureaucrat [at the palace In the Emir's Shir-Budun garden near Bukhara]

Head study

Study of a girl

In Italy

‘Napoleon, waiting for peace’ [painting of V. Vereshchagin]

‘Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara’

‘Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara’

[Study with boy. Italy (?)]

[His Highness Khan of Khiva in Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg]

[His Highness Khan of Khiva]

‘Portrait of Savva Tuptalo, sotnik of Kiev - father of St. Dimitrii of Rostov. In Rostov museum’

[At veranda in Lugano, Switzerland]

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