Ethnic variety

Type of Olonets man in Vytegra

In Paltoga. Study

Kurds in Batum region

Sart woman. Samarkand

Migrant farmstead in the settlement of Nadezhdinsk with a group of peasantsy. Golodnaia Steppe

Water-carrier. Samarkand

Policeman in Samarkand

Students. Samarkand

On the Registan. Samarkand

Trader in the Registan. Samarkand

Girl with strawberries. [Sheksna River]

Tatars by a campfire

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

Kebab restaurant. Samarkand

Group of students [in the yard of Shir-Dor madrasah]. Samarkand

Haying at the [Leushinskii] Monastery

Camel caravan carrying thorns for fodder. Golodnaia Steppe

Water pipe. Samarkand

‘Mugan Steppe. Georgian woman in a folk costume’

Hut of settler Artemii, nicknamed Kota, who has lived at this place more than 40 years

Beggars. Samarkand

Sart schoolchildren. Samarkand

Haying, near rest time. [Near Cherepovets].

Peasant woman breaking flax. Perm Province

Sart school. Samarkand

Haying. [Near Cherepovets].

By the village fence. [In Luga district]

Finn, digging up potatoes

Finnish coast [Metsakyla]

Georgian - tomato trader

Mullah with his female students near the Artomelinskaia mosque in Artvin

Armenian women (Catholics) in customary dress. [Artvin]

Kurdish woman with children. Near the village of Kvartskhana

Fruit stand. Samarkand

Shepherd. Samarkand

Doctors. Samarkand

Interpreter and guide for the Imperial Russian Geographic Society in 1907 [Samarkand Province]

Bashkir [near the Cherniaevo Station in the Tian-Shan mountains above the Saliukta mines]

Spinning yarn. In the village of Izvedovo

Nomadic Kirghiz [i.e, Kazakh]. Golodnaia Steppe

Nazar Magomet. Golodnaia Steppe

Melon vendor. Samarkand

Fabric merchant. Samarkand

Bayga. Samarkand

Group of Jewish children with a teacher. Samarkand

Sart types. Samarkand

Mugan. Settler's family. Settlement of Grafovka [Grafskii]

Elderly Sart man (Babaika), Samarkand

Sart woman. Samarkand

Georgian women [i.e. woman]. [In the park of Borzhom?]

Mullahs in mosque. Aziziia. Batum

Young Bashkir. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir near his house. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir woman in a folk costume. [In the village of Yakhia]

Bashkir switchman [near Ust-Katav station]

Bashkir switchman [near Ust-Katav station]

Girl with strawberries. [Topornya village]

Peasant girls. [Topornya village]

At the Saliuktin mines.

Fabric merchants in the Registan. Samarkand

Tea room. Samarkand

Flat breads vendor. Samarkand

Persian Tatars. Saatly. Mugan [Steppe]


‘Lezgian.’ [Dagestan, village of Arakani (?)]

Dagestani types [Village of Arakani]

Dagestani types [village of Arakani]

‘Avars Women. Dagestan.’ [Village of Arakani]

In Little Russia [near the town of Putivl in Kursk Province]

Bukhara bureaucrat [at the palace In the Emir's Shir-Budun garden near Bukhara]

Monks in Kalandar-Khane. [Samarkand]

Dinner during haying.

‘Oven for cooking pilau’ [Bairam-Ali area]

[Armenian woman in holiday attire, Artvin]

‘Georgian women in holiday attire’ [in the park of Borzhom]

Group of children [in Belozersk]

‘Tekin with his family’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Supplying cotton to cotton-processing manufacture’ [Bairam-Ali area, Murgab Estate]

‘Tekin on a camel’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Junior wife of a Tekin in full dress’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Junior wife of a Tekin in full dress’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Inside the Tekin yurt’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Dzhigit Ibragim’ [Bairam-Ali area]

‘Chained prisoners’ [Bukhara]

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